Friday, February 15, 2013

Lunch Snack Station

Snack Stations are the new thing in our house! (Yes, this gets me a little excited to share..)
Luke has just started shift work and Lily is starting preschool on Monday so right now, my lunch making skills need to be up to scratch more then ever.

I looked around at how other organized mums get their family lunches ready and this is when I came across snack stations, and whilst they're not at all a new concept, they're a great and time efficient way to tackle lunch time.

I use 3 trays in total, 1 for each of us (except Jett of course.) Coles have plastic trays (pictured below) for $2 so I just grabbed 2 of those (then remembered I needed a 3rd...)

Below is a quick view of our pantry at current. I have it in order of meals; breakfast, snack station, dinner, dessert shelf. This eliminates looking for items early in the morning, or late at night.

I look at my calendar and see what days Luke and Lily are both needing lunches for work/school as opposed to when they'll both be home, then I make sure I have enough snacks in both their station.
I'm still in the introductory stage of the snack station, but I am trying to find a good balance of nutritious and time efficient snacks.

I have two snack stations; one for the pantry and the other in the fridge. I keep apples, carrots, grapes etc. in the fridge area. I slice the apples and carrots and keep them in zip-lock bags for easy access. At the moment for Lily's station I keep noodle snacks, rice treats, fruit bars etc. Just little snacks to go along with her fruit and sandwich.

I really recommend giving this system a try if you're not using it already. Lily LOVES feeling so involved when she gets to choose her snacks for the next days lunch, and I love the convenience it gives me at night when making the lunches.

Let's talk lunches! Do you have any sort of preparation you do? Do you mix up your lunches or keep it the same during the week? 

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