Friday, February 8, 2013

Drugstore Brand Makeover

I was in a rut! A big poofey-orange-tinged hair rut!
Equipped with $40 of the $50 budget I have monthly (see that post here) I went to Coles to see what I could do about this rut. Here's how it all went down:


 I've been growing out my 'less then averagely okay' hair for 2.5 years since I decided to D.I.Y Ombre it back in 2011 (not one of my best decisions) and slowly I've been trimming the tips of my hair as it grows trying to inevitably rid it of all the remaining orange. After 2 years of doing so however, and still having so much orange remaining..I was completely over it and hence..the hair dye.

My purchases (all on special!)

2 packets of Clairol Nice'n Easy in Shade: 121A Darkest Natural Brown $9
Rimmel London BB Cream $9.95
Volum'Express: The Falsies $13.95


I Googled (foolishly after dying my hair) reviews on the hair colour I used, and SO many people were freaking out commenting that particular colour from Clairol has a tendency to make brown hair black and not darkest brown as shown on the box. Some noted the colour faded to a dark brown after a few days, others weren't so lucky and still have black hair.

The ends of my hair are definitely black, the rest seemingly darkest brown/really pushing it not being black but I'm honestly not worried. I kind of like this 'accidental' hair tone. I will keep you posted on whether or not this colour fades :)

Now for the Makeup:

I applied my new BB cream by Rimmel London (in shade Light) all over. I hadn't tried a BB cream before this, but since it's being hailed a 'miracle/multi tasker' I thought heck I better get onto that bandwagon!! Well, I have a blemish on my chin at the moment and this may shock you but I don't get a great deal of sleep most nights, and the coverage wasn't all that great at 'concealing' these shocking truths!! (Sarcasm is heavily implied) but all in all it was easy to apply and didn't leave me feeling oily, even after 10 hours of wear, it held up beautifully so I was really impressed :)

 I applied some $3 Kmart Blusher, more then I usually would to the apples of my cheeks, as it takes a little more then normal for it to show up in photos and I went to get my drivers license changed over today. I also filled in my eyebrows using my trio colour Coral palette in shade darkest brown, I only started doing this mid way through last year but it really can take you from 'patchy brow lady' to 'not looking half bad ;)

Onto the Hair! I just recently purchased the Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Heat Defence Spray and I love it!! It smells great, it applies great... I might just do a review on all these drugstore products in another post.
After misting the spray, I sectioned my hair and began straightening my locks

 30 Minutes Later!! I really don't like 'Poker' Straight hair on myself personally as I just don't think it looks all that flattering not that my usual poofey hair does either..., so I flick out the face framing areas of hair with my flat iron to break up the 'poker' look. **At this point I remembered to apply my new mascara...and I'm not sure if it was just a bad one but it was super clunky and gave me 'spider leg' lashes! blah!

Haha!! Sorry but by this point I was getting bored in the bathroom

Now for some 'girly' pictures of my new locks/ makeup


And of course with my trademark glasses (which of course are critical to me seeing my new hair.)

Well that's enough photos of me (for now) so I'm off to stroke my new hair some more while I also attempt some progress on my wedding planning. Maybe you're day is going more productively! If it's not...then I'm sending you all the best wishes for the rest of your day ;)

Until Next Time,

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