Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Family Planner/ Time Management Binder


 This is the updated version of our Family Planner/Organizer (also known as a Time Management Binder.) I did some purging and re-arranging of the contents as I started to notice whole sections of the planner that I wasn't using or just weren't helping me stay organized.

If you want to see the previous and more 'planned' planner then just click the link above or right here

Sections I still use in the planner are as follows:


Routine: This holds my cleaning (daily, weekly and once monthly) schedule, my day-to-day schedule etc in this section.
Finances: I took note of what pages do work for me and what don't. Then put them in a pull out compartment of this planner.
Contacts: From the doctor/vet to our family and friends, they're all backed up in this section.
Menu Planning: Menu plans, shopping list, favorite recipes, most rated recipes with the family
Blog Ideas   

I put my letter stickers to good use this time :)

I like to have a perpetual calendar at the front of my planner, just being able to see the whole year ahead on one page makes planning events/paying bills a whole lot easier. I don't remember where I got this free template from :( but if you are the owner and want me to link it just leave me a comment.

The coloured tabs before I cut them off
I have a colour legend up the top left on the inside of the planner letting me know what each coloured tab on the binder is for, the tabs are too small to put labels on and I wasn't able to see them when they were on the side of the dividers, so I cut them off and stuck them with some sticky tape up the top for easier viewing.


I keep a few paperclips on the inside plastic sleeve area provided, for when I am transferring paper work from the planner to my filing system, they come in very handy!

I had personal information in this section, hence why the paper is blocking any writing.

 I have a purple and a green pull-out, plastic sleeve 'booklet' one is for Menu Planning and the other is for Finances. I got the above menu planning printout from a site called Mrs January. There are some great printouts on the site, I'd definitely recommend having a look!

Menu Planning saves time, money and you stressing about what you're going to cook for dinner at the end of the day. It's also a great help if you want to start eating more at home. If you ever want tips or just some quick advice on how to get started just let me know in the comments :)

I keep some loose notepaper in my 'Schedule' section so I can quickly write down little reminders or notes to help me through the day. It could be a reminder to buy milk or pay a bill, then at the end of the day I put all the relevant information into my Day Planner.

I keep some scrap cardboard/paper stock in the back sleeve of my folder as I am always doing some form of craft project so they do come in handy.

Total Cost= $17!! That's if you don't already have a binder laying around :)

 Making one of these truly is inexpensive! Remember it's not about how pretty it is, it's about how functional it is for you and your family! You can jazz it up to suit your style and needs :)

The great thing about this type of family planner is that it's always changeable, so if you welcome a new family member, are planning a wedding, have kids starting school, get a new pet etc etc then you can just add new sections in!

If you have use a time management binder/family planner and want to share it then just leave a link below :)

Until Next Time

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