Friday, January 18, 2013

Juicing: Fruit & Veg

I am getting my fruit and veg juice on! I'm swapping my love of energy drinks for a more natural way to get chirpy! This will be my 'go-go' juice, and my reason to start spending more time in the produce area of my local supermarket :)

Juicing is simply put; taking the fruits and vegetables that you love/ want to have but don't really eat as often as you should, juicing them, and drinking it up :) There are all different types of juices, some for digestive problems (combat bloating, irritability etc.) there's the 'detox' juicing for those who like to over-indulge, or even the energy juice for those who love a good kick start in the morning without the aide of an artificial energy drink.


  After :) It takes under 3 minutes to set up.
Top Tip: put a plastic bag in the 'waste' area of the juicer to minimize washing up :) the fiber that's in the 'waste' after juicing makes great mulch :) I've read that it can be made into cookies as well..but I'm not in any hurry to try that just yet.

The trick if you're looking to save at least a few dollars when juicing, is to look at what fruit and veggies are in season at the time and purchase them. You can also freeze fruit and vegetables ahead, if you really love a certain combination.

 I don't know how much my particular juicer cost (the brand is CookWell) as it was a birthday present from Luke back in 2011, but I have looked around and a decent juicer will set you back around $65-70.

Then there's your produce selection. I strongly suggest you research different juices, and be open to trying different combinations. I'm starting with my mean green energy machine juice every morning which is:

Green Apples

I intend to make my juice for the mornings the night before so it's all prepped for me at 6:30. I am also not using it as a detox/ meal replacement at this point. Along with my juice in the morning I will be aiming to cook up some protein such as eggs in an omelette to get me zooming along.

I'm off to do some errands for the day. I hope your Friday treats you well.

Until Next Time,

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