Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Organize Your Office Desk

I'm so sorry that this post is late! I scheduled it to go up this morning but, as I edited it on my phone for the first time I probably didn't do it right. Anyhoo, last Wednesday I wrote about my Organization Journey that I would be embarking on this year, click here to check out the post in case you missed it.

 It's a super simple desk/layout, but it's effectively efficient :)

The magazines/ books on the left aren't a permanent fixture, I was doing our menu plan/grocery list at the time :)

 Before: I used my desk as a dumping ground and got annoyed every time I sat down and looked at the messy set up.

Here's the breakdown of how I went about organizing the first area on my list: The Office Area

My number one tip is: Keep it simple
It's so easy to think I want a really pretty desk set up that looks so organized, then overdo the 'organization' and simply have a desk that looks organized but it's really suiting your needs. Make sure that it looks neat but is also very functional.
  •  My Planner/Calendar: This is always in my inbox tray, at the top, so I have immediate access to it and it's always in site. I refer to this constantly so it's important to know where it is.
  • Desk Trays: A vital thing for me to have on my desk are desk trays. I currently have two. 1 is for my 'inbox' which could mean anything from mail I need to open, to bills I need to pay, the 2nd tray is my 'outbox' which as you can imagine is for things I have already opened/read and now just need to send them off or file them away. I sort through the in/out box at the end of each week to avoid it building up.
  • My Accessories Tray: This is a cute little tray I picked up for $2 (for 2) it holds all my post it notes, my paper clips, hole punch, stapler, staples etc. It's my go-to place so I keep it close to my keyboard for easy access. 
  • The Pull out tray: I use my keyboard on the top section of the desk, so I only use the tray to keep my household management binder (you can read my post about that here) I avoid sticking anything else here (such as loose papers) otherwise I won't see it and most likely forget I put it there
  • Pen Holders: I have 2 that I bought from Kmart for $2. One I use strictly for my pens, the other I have for my highlighters/glue stick.
  • Make sure items that you have at your desk are relevant to your needs. I keep a small selection of magazines at all times down the bottom of my desk. They are related to health and fitness, so I have easy access to tips/ nutrition ideas whilst planning out my weekly goals/food.
So that's it. How do you manage your desk? I use my desk for just about everything I do, from organizing my week, blogging, budgeting, to drawing up ideas for my wedding. It's all done at this space so I need it to be a clean and tidy place.

My new challenge is all about Organizing our lounge room, which happens to look super bare at the moment as we don't have much furniture in it.. but we'll see how we go :) I'd like a more 'inviting' feel, so I will Google around for some inspiration and hopefully turn our lounge room from barely entertaining, to humbly one week!

If you have a blog, feel free to link it below :) Don't forget to follow SkinnyBudget (if you're not already) to keep up with my Operation Organization (and even join in if you want!) which I am undertaking over 15 weeks :)

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  1. This is great, thank you! I love getting organized and I am working on some organizing projects this year and I will use some letter trays so I look forward to checking out these tips and ideas.

    1. I'm always glad to find others who enjoy organizing! All the best luck with your organizational projects this year :)

  2. The simpler the desk, the better. With that simple yet organised workstation, you can truly be productive. Good that you revamped your desk. The accessory tray provided more functionality. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eilidh, I definitely agree with the simpler the desk the better the outcome, especially with time management and productivity. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  3. Good ideas you have here. This will help you become more productive. I'm sure this'll be helpful for Ayala land offices. Thanks for sharing!

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