Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Decor: Lounge Room

And no progress shall be made on the lounge room this week, said my life. And it was done. Sorry this is a day late, my life seems to be runny a bit fast paced at the moment, and trying to scramble a few spare minutes here and there is proving difficult.

Jett seems to be teething, or at least just dribbling a lot and has resulted in him being quite grouchy the last few days, only adding to my lack of sleep/ blogging ability. Poor little guy.

Whilst pondering my bare lounge room, I have come to the conclusion though that before I am able to organize it...I should probably go about acquiring furniture. We are currently renting, so any organization that I do, I need it to be 'renter friendly'. So in the mean time, I've put together a little inspiration board to help me on my way to a much nicer and full lounge room.



I love white ceramic animals on dark canvas, and since our lounge room colour palette will be all about dark greys/ charcoals, I want to have accent features such as white ceramic and splashes of gold, just to highlight the room a little.

The bookshelf will be a mix of all  DVD's and Xbox games (all alphabetized of course) so I didn't want something so tall that I couldn't reach the top shelf, but tall enough that it could hold a fair amount of cases (vertical length is our preference due to wall availability)

The lounge room layout will be child friendly, whilst still feeling like an adults living room (the kids have their very own kid toy room.) In the next year or two I'd like to replace both our current couch and dining table for something more comfortable and user friendly.

So that's my update on the lounge room, ideally I will have it set up the way I'd like within 6 months (as I'd need to save of course) but that does depend on whether we will still be living in our current house :)

For this weeks home organization challenge, I've started work on our kitchen, here's my goals:
- complete cupboard organization (sooo many cupboards!)
- have the fridge clean and organized (make a system so it stays that way!)
- better bench top space usage

Lily starts preschool next month so I am also organizing her very own lunch station where I have everything she will take for lunch all prepared on one shelf of the pantry, making my life a little easier the night before :)

Until Next Time,

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