Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting fit after having a baby!

As I type this post, I cringe at the thought of the conversation my daughter Lily and I had in the bathroom tonight.

Lily: Mummy, are you pregnant again
Me (horrified): no...why do you think that?
Lily (grabs the side of my belly): your tummy looks like it has one more baby in there
Me (more horrified): well, mummy doesn't have a baby in there, but I just had a baby (2 months ago) so mummy's belly is resting
Lily (rubs my belly): If the baby is a boy, I'd like that.

It was a wake up call for me to say the least. Sure, she's only 3, but I really did need to hear it, and Lily certainly will tell me the elephant in the room type things.

Since having our son Jett 2 months ago, our lives have been all about late nights, early mornings, and a very noisy baby thanks to Colic. Lily, our first born, never experienced colic and was always very content in her bouncer whilst I did the housework, my workouts, cooked healthy lunches etc (also I only had 1 child at the time so it was much easier.) Jett will scream his little lungs out, even if he's in the deepest sleep, if we dare try and put him into his swinger.

So finding time to prepare healthy meals or even exercise has been harder then I expected, and along the way of finding time, I sort of gave up on my diet. When I have a spare few moments, my mentality has been; just do something relaxing, watch some T.V or blog! A few circumstances however have recently changed. YAY! Lily starts preschool in February and Luke starts shift work this month, that means more help when Luke's home annnnnd when Lily's at preschool and Jett's asleep I will do my workouts :)

Here's some healthy alternatives from my usual diet I am also changing:

- replacing white bread with wholemeal

- increase everyone in the household's vegetable and fruit intake: I am getting my juicer out of the cupboard and will be having 1-2 juices a day

- introduce more protein into our diet: this should be simple as we all love chicken, eggs and fish.

- replace take-out with better meal preparation and make-at-home take away. Luke and Lily love when I make hamburgers, so I might extend that to chicken and fish burgers with home made tomato sauce!

- exercise!! 30-45 minutes, 5-6 days a week. This is a big priority for me as I love being active and miss the buzz of accomplishing a workout.

I will also be starting a YouTube channel to track my progress :) I will link the videos to the tab above when I upload them. I don't have a set schedule for when I will do them just yet, but it will definitely be attempted as a weekly thing.

Feel free to come along with me on a new healthier you journey :)

Until Next Time,

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