Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frumpy & Frazzled

I've run out of steam! I've pulled myself in so many directions lately trying to stay on top of everything that I've ended up being burnt out, sitting on the couch with no will to do anything more. Does anyone else do this? Burn yourself out after piling your to-do list way too high?

As I sit and type this post to you, it's 9:27 p.m and I keep staring at the new black notebook I purchased yesterday..why did I purchase said notebook? I don't even know! It looked so organized with it's sleekness and crisp pages, and so it sits in my to-sort pile (that seems to be ever mounting.)

The two images below are to highlight my current state...The left image is what I look like day in, day out at the moment (wait, that's a lie. Usually my hair's hiked in a pony tail) I look tired, so very tired. I'm not really sure why I'm THAT tired, I mean I'm used to the patchy sleep hours with a new baby ... so it's probably my diet and lack (i can't express this enough) of exercise.

The image on the right is what you'd see if you follow me on Instagram, it's got a nice 'radiant' look to it, but I want to be honest and really just state the obvious, I do not look like this all the time. I think it's important people admit to that haha, makes us all feel better I think.

Isn't duck face just the best... -_-

I am beyond burnt out at the moment, and feel super frazzled. I need a vacation from myself! I'm thinking of booking in a hair treatment/cut, nails done and getting back some self respect and love happening. This year is about not only physical health and well being, but also mental health also. I think a lot of us take ourselves for granted, and get to a point where our body and mind just say hold up, wait a minute!

I want/ need to know I'm not the only one who piles themselves with so much to-do and feels so overwhelmed. If you're like me and you feel anxiety when you don't get everything done, then maybe we can get through it together. Maybe only have 10 things on our to-do list for each day as a maximum, maybe reward ourselves at some point for all our efforts (but let's not over reward and lose track)

Who knows! I'm really keen to get a bit of a pampering day happening though. Total detox I think!

Are the happy go lucky type? Or do you like to keep control over your life and how it plays out?

I'd love to know :)

Until Next Time,

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