Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Mummy Fashion

4 pieces of clothing, 4 looks
Easy Mummy Fashion on a budget :)

It's not rocket science, I'm aware of this, but sometimes, it's nice to get a little OOTD inspiration from elsewhere and even better if you already have the items needed :) These are 4 very basic looks, the purpose of this is to inspire you to add to it, put your own spin on it and rock it. Easy. Mummy. Fashion :)

Look 1
I wore this on New Years Day. It was super quick to throw on, and although white items usually equal disaster with me (I'm like a toddler with food stains) this look worked really well. It's always easy to accessorize bold colours with simple accessories, and with a 2 month old baby I didn't want bulky accessories that might dig into him while I was give him millions and millions  lots of hugs. I went with hair down for casual look, but this look can be amped up with a high pony tail for an instant prep look.

Singlet: Target $12 Skirt: Target $30 Wrist Cuff: Just Jeans $5 Necklace: Gift
Look 2
I'm actually wearing this look today, whilst we go look at a potential new car. It's sophisticated enough for me, yet again, super comfortable and only takes a few minutes to put together. I'm wearing my hair in a sleeked back pony tail with white gladiator sandals as it's a bit too hot for anything closed in. This look would also work on a dinner date, casual drinks or a breakfast with friends.

 Blazer: Avacado $19.95 Singlet: Target $12 Jeans: Kmart $5

Look 3:
This look is more glam. I'd wear this on a date with Luke, or just on an evening out. It's the exact look as Look 2, however with the addition of my sequin top/dress (it's labelled a dress but it's UBER short) I feel a bit more dolled up. Hair down or in a ballerina bun both look great with this look. 

You can mix it up and swap out the jeans for some leggings and even add a bold necklace to the ensemble to give it some extra love.

Look 4:
Take off the blazer from look 3 and you're rocking a far more casual/pretty look. I'd wear this to a nice lunch with friends or a birthday party for my little ones. I find the darker the jeans, the more flattering, my preference jeans would be a skinny fit (not the kind that restrict blood flow!) As to show off those pins. The neckline of this dress/top is super flattering, without giving too much away ;) I generally straighten my hair for this look or do a twisty up do, just to indulge my more girly side.  
 Mini Dress: $19.95 Wrist Cuff: Just Jeans $5 Jeans: Kmart $5

So there you have it!
4 pieces of clothing that you probably have in your wardrobe already. I hope you found this helpful, or at least entertaining. They are just my very basic tips on throwing some items together when you're a little more demanded on, and a little less time friendly.
I'd love to know your thoughts :) If you have a blog, I'd also love to give it a read so just link it down below.

Until Next Time,

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