Monday, January 14, 2013


This weekend was hectic. Crazy hectic. We just purchased a new car (new to us) to help take the pressure of being a one vehicle family, it just wasn't working having one vehicle with two little children and Luke working 12 hour days. So it was time to get another vehicle. But that meant going to get the vehicle...

Jett (our 2 month old) really doesn't like car rides. In fact he really really hates them. So being in the car for 3 hours, wasn't an enjoyable experience for any of us. I just kept telling myself in the car it's worth the trip, it's worth the trip, IT'LL BE WORTH IT!! We got a Subaru Forester for anyone who's curious. It's pretty schmicko.

Let's get serious here.

A new car equals new expenses. And new expenses means re-budgeting our budget. But honestly, being a one car household was driving me absolutely bonkas! We live in a 'bay' area..which is fancy talk for 'stranded from civilization apart from a bay.' To top our 'bay' living we also have a 2 month old and a 3 year old, so all of us spending time in the house together, 24/7 was....was very...hectic.

Getting an additional car, I knew I'd be the one to be budgeting for the additional expenses that brings with it. Luke and I spoke about the chances of getting a new car, and although ideally we had wanted to save up and get a car without the need for finance, we both agreed that it just wasn't going to work that way as we needed another vehicle sooner then what we could save for. Lily starts preschool in a mere few weeks and I need a car more then ever now.

Here's the basic breakdown of our expenses for transportation:

Both our vehicles are on good interest rates, so in that aspect I am thrilled. We will have all debt (apart from our vehicles) paid off by June this year, and have our vehicles paid off no later than October next year, which is great considering they are on a 5 year term each.

The downside about having just purchased the Subaru though, is I now see just how filthy my poor Mazda 6 has gotten, with the likes of my 3 year old who is almost always eating in the car, I found sultanas and crushed dried crackers underneath her car seat whilst trying to clean my car back to a recognizable state. I also found dried up noodles in my center console, empty cans, old takeaway cup holders...I could have potentially opened up my own shop with all the crapola I found.

Not to fear though, I will whip on some gloves, arm myself with the hand held vac and in no time I will zoom zoom in my broom broom!

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