Monday, December 24, 2012

Wardrobe Basics

I'm starting 2013 with the absolute intention to get healthy, fit and fabulous! 
I have the intention to start Vlogging (video blogging) everyday that's possible, my journey from frumpy and fashionably..challenged, to healthy and fabulously fashionable..or close to.

(My non-exciting wardrobe doors)

Here's my Wardrobe Basic Buys:

On the Top

Plain & Bold Print Scarf: I learnt to love scarves when I moved to much colder climates. I have a few different types: cotton/ wool, plain/ printed.
Tank Top: A basic tank top paired with a blouse can make you look effortlessly stylish.
Over-sized T-Shirt: Comfort factor should always be considered.
Blouse: simple, affordable and easy to dress up a pair of jeans or slacks.
Over-sized Jumper: Not just for those lazy days at home! Pair with some sneakers and jeans
Blazer: I recently bought my first blazer, and I have to say, it turns the humble plain t-shirt and jeans combo into a stylish ensemble!

On the Bottom

Dark Wash Denim Jeans: They're a classic must have for a reason. Not only do they compliment all body shapes, they compliment just about any outfit!
Leggings: nothing more to be said really...except, they're NOT pants, but more a complimenting piece of item WHEN used with something like a dress, shorts or skirt.
LBD (Little Black Dress): With some accessories, you can really turn up the WOW factor.


Nude & Black Pumps: I am more a flats type gal, but I do love my trusty black pumps.
Flats: I am in love with flats! They're my go-to choice for footwear
Boots: Not limited to Cowboys anymore, these babies are comfortable and fashionable
Black & Nude Clutch: Simple, complimentary and stylish
Nude & Black Bag: These colours will work with any outfit.

That's a wrap!

 What is your 2013 intentions? 

Until Next Time

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