Monday, December 3, 2012

Mumma Mia Monday

This post is quite picture heavy, but I wanted to catch you all up to speed with what has been keeping me busy (and away from the blog) these past two weeks. Now that I have time to catch my breath (both my bubbas are napping) I wanted to share with you all a little peak at the daily adventures in my household!

This week I am aiming to have consistent blog posts, all of which will be live from 9 am (8 am EST) so make sure you check back then, or if it's easier you can follow my blog via the tab on the bottom left side of the screen :)

DIY Newborn Phphotography Session:
Equipped with my Iphone, a content baby, a fleecy blanket and a cot, I got some fantastic photos of my little newborn without paying a dime or leaving the house (mega bonus!) 

Iphone Apps that work for me!
I downloaded an App on my Iphone called TimerCam so that I could get a shot of me and my little heart-melters while Luke was at work.

Getting Acquainted
I spend much of my time on our couch feeding our little milk machine, aka our son. 
I do some of my best thinking on that couch.

Enjoying the special moments
Jett's starting to smirk/smile a lot more..I'm convinced a lot of the time that he's actually smiling. I always make sure I am enjoying these moments, as they are already going so quickly!

Prepping for Christmas
This was the first Christmas tree in 10+ years that I didn't help decorate! 
Luke and Lily (mainly Lily) put all the decorations on.

Lily is growing up :(
I don't think having a newborn helps, but I've noticed recently how big my little girl is getting :( She's extremely independent, charismatic and quite stubborn (...not sure who she got that from)

A Christmas Tradition
This was Lily waiting in line for her photo with Santa (and Jett) She was beyond excited...all the way until it came to sit on Santa's knee...then you couldn't get a word, or a smile out of her, poor munchkin. The photos were pretty pricey considering how many children would LOVE to have their photo with Santa taken, $20 was the cheapest option and that was just for 1 little photo!

All in all though we were happy with how our kiddies behaved and how the picture turned out (stay tuned I will be posting a picture later on)

These week, I have also been giving attention to my new project: Our Home Management Binder. I did a post a little while ago on a Time Management Binder, which you can check out by clicking here. The home management binder is a little more indepth (and much more organized)

I am currently working on a post showing you how to build your very own. It's definitely helped me get back on top of everything that had to take a back seat in the first few days/ weeks of welcoming Jett into our lives. Definitely a must for those wanting to be a bit more organized around the house or in general.

Are you an organized type of person? What system works for you? I'd love to hear from you all on how you manage your schedules!

Until Next Time,

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