Friday, December 14, 2012

Mini Haul Post

I recently had one of my close friends Nicole come to stay with us for a few days on holiday, and whilst she was here we made the most of our time with chats, movies..and of course, a spot of shopping! We both share a lack of navigation skills, which made shopping in a large shopping centre...a little chaotic, but nothing short of entertaining.

Since having my son Jett almost 6 weeks ago, I knew I wanted to get back into shape and change my personal style, in a realistic timeframe. I've been constantly keeping an eye out for inspiration and I knew that one of the first things I wanted to purchase was a black blazer.

Read on for all the information on my haul!

Sorry for the dodgy photo of the blazer :/ It was a little impromptu photo session while Jett was asleep for 5 minutes (poor bubba has the flu). The blazer was reduced from $29.95 down to $19.95, it's made by a brand called Avacado.

I got 2 (super stretchy) singlets from a pop-up type store for $3 each! The brand is Venus Body & Soul. I purchased them for when I start going on my walks/jogs again.

This scarf was initally marked at $30+ dollars but was down to $3! I was super impressed needless to say. Whilst I wasn't a huge fan on the colour selection (most were random patterns) I think this blue will work perfect with my new blazer ;)

I think I may have an addiction to buying nail polish! If that's the case, I really need to start wearing it more often. I have no idea what the colours are called on these two unfortunately, but I'm super impressed with Tips&Toes colour options! I picked up both of these for $2 each!

I've been wearing this colour all week! It's called Black with Envy from Revlon. The quality of this nail polish is amazing, annnddd it only cost $2!

Camisole Set $6! It's SO comfy! I got mine in aqua/green stripes


My new glasses case. It's a black and white Peacock print $3


Lastly, but certainly one of the more impressive bargain buys is my $15 VS Sassoon Hairdryer from Big W that I purchased. My old VS Sassoon H/D lasted me just on 6 years until I dropped it one too many times this year :( There were 3 colour choices with this, but I can't remember the other one apart from red 

I also purchased my day planner for 2013 which I will be doing a review about on Monday next week, it's very pink, organized and budget planner friendly....I'm in love! Along with my day planner, I picked up a few other organizational items to help with the planning of our 2013 wedding. Needless to say, I've been super busy!

Are you a day planner type person? Or do you just play it week by week? Let me know via the comments below or on Twitter :)

Until Next Time

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