Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the End of The World!

Well...I haven't left my house today, so maybe we were just REALLY lucky and my neighbours alive, not the end of the world today.

I was going to do a Fashion Fix Friday post, a less 'doomsday' post but, I thought I'd address the 'END OF THE WORLD' first. I did watch a rather, fear-instilling program last night about how we [the earth and it's contents] may possibly perish in 75 years when a neutron stars gravitational pull will ultimately tear us then!

I had the most doomsday inspired dream after watching the program and as a result, look as awesome as I feel tired...gah! I honestly had no plans for my last day on Earth sadly. I don't have an underground bunker with a great food supply (although my pantry is well stocked!) I didn't call my loved ones and tell them it was great knowing them (although I'm fairly slack on that usually too.)

I spent my 'possibly last day on Earth' with a huge headache, laying in bed wondering why we have Wisdom teeth! Oh..I did go out at some point and do a spot of grocery shopping :) Yes, I'm afraid I wasn't too spontaneous with my last day.

How are you spending your 'last day'? There are so many theories on whether it is in fact our last day on Earth, or whether we should be expecting something major...but not catastrophic..well, whatever the case, I have a load of laundry and a hungry baby to attend to, and after's lunch time!

If we are all still here next Friday, it's my Birthday! And I would love to celebrate by doing my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! Conditions will be posted next week, so make sure you check back in! Here's to being another year older and wiser ;)

Until Next Time,

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