Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to reuse a Nappy Box!

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 I love the idea of reusing things in the household, from a milk carton to a nappy box :) Especially since we buy nappies quite often, it's always nice to stretch our dollar even further and recycle!

This little project is quite fun, doesn't take long and is very inexpensive. Lily was my little helper and we had a great time thinking up different ways we could reuse a humble nappy box. We decided to make a Book Box for all her nap/nightime books in her room.

Here's how we got our craft on!

1/ Cut the flaps off the top of the box

2/ Wrap the box! You can use book cover with different patterns, pictures or colours on it OR you can use any gift wrap paper. You don't even have to wrap the box really, but it does look much nicer at the end when wrapped (in my opinion)

3/ Decide where to place the box! Yes..that is really all it takes! I found wrapping the box with gift wrap to be a little tedious but it was a fun project to do with Lily, and she loves that she has a special place for her stories that she helped make.

I decided on putting it atop of her chest of drawers. These drawers are right beside her bed, which makes choosing a story and putting it back quite easy :) I'm thinking of making some cut-out letters reading : BOOKS to put on the front of the box also, just for a little more decoration of course.

There you have it! That's just ONE way of reusing a nappy box. Here's a few other ideas:

- belt storage box
- scarf storage box
- storage box for seasonal clothing
- decorate and make into toys for the kiddies! A little craft and you've transformed a humble box into a pretend stove or a rocket...or a firetruck...or...well anything really!

A little imagination, a little craft and a lot of fun can transform a nappy box into just about anything!

Do you have something that you love to recycle? What's a project you'd love to try?

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