Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 Planner

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to buy my new planner!! Yes...that's what my life is like. So with 2013 fast approaching, it was no different this year to get excited, get shopping and get my new planner!

I have a planner for a number of reasons. I think becoming a mum in 2009 made me realize just how much I can utilize my time much more...efficiently, and with a planner it's done so much more effectively :)

The black planner was my very basic Kmart $6 buy that served its job very well. That being said...I'm SO excited to have a hot pink planner for 2013!! WOO! 

 It's not as obvious in the above photo but my new planner (the hot pink one..in case you forgot) is more then 3 times the thickness of this years one. It has a section in each months tab for a budget :) This is binder feels like it was made just for me and my OCD needs.

One of the most used parts of my planner is always the year view calendar. The hardest thing I find about it, is trying to read my own writing, after I have had to smoosh all the letter into the little spaces it gives you. Luckily I am fairly aware of what each special date represents ;)

Well that's 2013 all planned out...not really...but at least I have the planner! I am going to undertake some organization goals starting in January, along with Lily beginning preschool (I'm not going to cry..I'm not going to cry)...it's going to be a productive year!

Are you a day planner type person? Or do you just take each day as it comes? 

Until Next Time

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