Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 39 Pregnancy Update

I was really hoping to be introducing you all to my lovely son this week, however he doesn't seem ready for the big world just yet, so instead here is a round up of Week 39. 


(I didn't realise my mirror needed a wipe until this photo ha ha)

Beautiful day at the bay near our house :)

Weeks: From the 26th October - 1st November was Week 39 of this Pregnancy. This week has not only been one of the most mentally but also physically draining weeks I have ever experienced (pregnant or not!) Everyday and night of this week, I have thought would be THE time I'd go into labor and meet our son, and everyday and night has passed with me only becoming more anxious and disappointed that it hasn't happened. 

Here are some high and low lights of what happened this week: 

25th Oct: Jess (my childhood friend) arrived to help with Lily if I was to go into labor. I felt an immense amount of relief the moment she arrived as I was stressing I may have to be in the delivery room alone whilst Luke looked after Lily.
Also had a doctors appointment that morning and my GP was just making sure I knew that 10 days after my due date, inducing would be a real possibility. Feeling quite deflated as I thought baby would be here by now, I leave hoping that he comes that day...he of course doesn't

28th Oct: Had a 'date day' with Luke while Lily was babysat, we walked around some shops and the whole time I experienced 'cervix pain' something chronic. Nothing escalated though and the pain soon enough disappeared making me feel extremely disappointed.

29th Oct: Tried EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) at night just before bed, experienced pelvic pressure and once again sharp cervix pain shortly after but nothing intensified. Felt quite deflated waking up the next morning with no sign of labor or a 'show.' I then started to imagine being pregnant for the rest of my life. 

30th Oct: Experienced pretty nasty backache while cooking dinner, along with having experienced menstrual-like cramps all week I thought surely I would go into labor. I went to bed at 9 pm and experienced a sudden burst of energy at 10:30 pm, it wasn't so much a nesting energy but more I couldn't lay still and felt like dancing or doing squats. 

31st Oct: Discovered what seemed like a 'show' and after being disappointed many times prior, I was hesitant to ring the midwives and just ask what this meant. I was informed to wait for my waters to break or contractions to start *sigh* since I didn't experience either with Lily until I was at the hospital I decide to just try and block out the possibility of labor today and go about my day normally to avoid any more deflation. 

1st Nov: Spent the day with Jess out shopping. It was great to put all the anxiety of baby not coming yet behind me and focus on some retail therapy. I experienced some nasty menstrual-like cramps for the most part of the day but didn't focus my energy on it, as I have felt these on and off for most of this week. Sure enough, they didn't intensify and disappeared upon arriving home.

Bump:  I have felt even more of a drop this week, though it's quite difficult to capture just how low it looks until your standing right in front of me. Accompanying the bump drop was pelvic pressure and cervix pain, which I am welcoming IF it means I only have a day (or better still) hours until labor.

Movement: Still feeling a healthy amount of movement. Luke at times is convinced that he can feel a little hand but I still just feel jabs in my ribs at most. I will just be happy to hold those little hands and feet OUTSIDE of my uterus.  

Stretch Marks:  Still only the 3 that I've already noted on each side of my hip. I've been applying the same cream, the same amount of times. I don't remember at this point quite what my hips or thighs look like without my massive baby bump.

Symptoms: All the symptoms this week have been labor related (just not actual labor)

- Braxton Hicks (a little more intense but still false contractions)
- Backache; very niggly pain that subsides after 30 minutes
- Cervix Pain; very sharp pains in the lady region
- Pelvic Pressure; this insane feeling that I will either pee myself or have a baby at any second after standing up
- Menstrual-like cramps; very unflattering pains in my lower stomach and side area. Not consistent however, but I am definitely aware when they occur. 
- Loss of mucus plug (hey, it's a pregnancy update)

Baby Buys: We bought Bassinet bedding this week from target, along with a Baby Record book to take to the hospital with us (again from Target.) That was the last 2 things in my head that I really wanted to have purchased prior to baby's arrival so now he just needs to get a move on.

Cravings: I have fallen in love with orange flavored (very watery) all natural cordial. I can't remember the brand but it comes in 3 sachets from Coles and it's delicious! I don't so much 'crave' it but I've been drinking so much more water because of it. It's been especially welcomed since I have been going on walks every day to try and help move baby along.

Mood: Honestly..tired of being pregnant at this point. I have tried so many 'natural' labor inducing wives tales that I really don't want to see or hear about another one. I've tried:
- Long Walks
- Bumpy Car Rides
- Pineapple
- Dancing
- Squats
- Spicy Foods
- Relaxing
- Hip swaying
- Telling the baby to get out (was the least effective method)

After 4 days of trying to help him move, I have decided he's a very stubborn little guy and while I appreciate the 'he will come when he is ready' my doctor won't let me go past 10 days of my due date so I'd much rather help him out with dancing then their forceps ;)

Highlight of the week: Definitely being able to spend the week with Jess and have some girl time has been fantastic. Although we lived near each other last year, we didn't get much opportunity to have quality time so it's been great having someone to chat with during the days and it gave us both a great excuse to do some shopping. 

A little crab we discovered on one of our daily walks to try and help baby along, I was paranoid he'd jump at me...but he didn't. Phew!

Also the opportunity to have a date day with Luke before baby arrives is beyond words incredible! We don't live near family or friends so it's not often we'd ever be able to just have some quality time out and about without our Lilster, although we spent a good part of our date day talking about Lily and her stubborn little brother.

So although this week didn't bring us our long awaited son, it has given me the opportunity to spend quality time with everyone (here at least) and I have really appreciated some retail therapy (even if most of it was window shopping) before baby arrives. I'm well aware of how much a newborn baby doesn't like to co-operate straight away.

So what does week 40 entail? Will I make it to being 10 days over and having to be induced? I suppose we will very soon find out.

Until Next Time,

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