Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 2 Postpartum Update


The difference of 1 week

I found week 2 to be more about letting the buzz of having a new family member settle just a little allowing us all just to let out a sigh and enjoy each others company. Week 1 was all about getting acquainted with lots of nappy changes, feedings and broken sleep (pregnancy prepped me for random sleep times though.) Week 2 we were a little more adjusted and are starting to get a handle on things that little bit more.

What's different:
  • Jett is getting himself into the routine of waking up every 2.5-3 hours for a milk meal, whereas in the early days I would have to give him a gentle wake up to make sure he was eating at least every 4 hours. 
  • Our little family of 4 have been fighting the sniffles and sneezes, we're doing everything in our power to try and tame the germs (Lily has been dealt the worst hand of it) especially since Jett is only 2 weeks old, but inevitably we have been feeling a little flat and sneezy, and with broken sleep, my immune system is fighting a good fight not to fall down ill.
What improved:
  • We are more aware of Jett's wants and needs. Little queues from him such as a noise or suckle let us know if he's hungry, needs a nappy change or has some wind. It changes almost daily but we are more aware of what he wants or needs as the days go by.
  • We have a little system with his feeding now. At the start its all guess work really but Luke and I are now aware when he may need feeding and do prep work such as getting a clean nappy and spit rag ready, which makes all the difference when he's awake and ready for his milk meal.
What isn't so great:
  • The only thing I can note that isn't great at this point is my hormones! I honestly haven't cried so much in a week...ever, and I can be a crier! Lily, Luke and I were watching the Disney movie 'Brave' which I have seen before, and unbeknown to Luke and Lily, I balled my eyes out at the sad parts (very quietly) I was like a Ninja crier...I can't wait until my hormones settle down and I feel that teeny tiny bit normal again. I also cried while watching the Lion King (the first one) with Lily, which I've seen MANY times before, when Mufasa is killed by his horrid brother Scar.
What I've learnt this week:
  • I am very good at crying at Disney movies that I've seen before.
  • Pre- pregnancy jeans are still that 'bit' too small (they must have shrunk while they were in my closet all those months)
  • To not stress! I keep stressing about all the things I need to do, appointments I need to go to or people I have to call. I just need to stop stressing, get things done and wa-la!
It's crazy to think today marks the start of Week 3 of Jett's life (outside my belly anyway). After my week 4 postpartum update, I will most likely switch to doing monthly updates as after that point I think it'd just be easier and a little more interesting.

Until Next Time,



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