Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 1 Postpartum Update

Technically as of today I am 1 week and 3 days postpartum but I thought I might be forgiven since it was only 1 week and 3 days ago that we were welcoming our son Jett into the big bright world :)
This has been my week in a nutshell, this is the good/ the bad and the 'oh my' of week 1 postpartum.

What hurt:
  • During breast feeding, my uterine contractions hurt beyond what I expected as I didn't nurse for very long with Lily I had no idea what to expect. I managed them with Neurofen before every feed time and this helped considerably!
  • My boobs felt like huge boulders of stone :( and leaked ....a lot! Cold wipes and massaging was the only cure I found helpful.
What improved:
  • My uterine contractions subsided after 4 days
  • My uterus is returning back to it's normal size quite well (I put it down to breastfeeding)
  • My energy levels (minus, working on little sleep) is slowly returning
What isn't so great:
  • Wearing pads just about everywhere. I feel like a leaky pipe system some days
  • Feeling colder during the day thanks to the weight loss of baby and placenta
  • Sore and achy boobs
  • The panic! Having a little tiny Newborn again is amazing in so many ways, but it also brings with it the over worrying trait in me as a parent. The random noises newborns make or even a sneeze will have me wondering if he's okay.
  • I put immense pressure on myself to be able to breastfeed. It made the experience more stressful then it had to be.
What I've learnt this week:
  • I will cry when my hormones suddenly drop back to normal, and it's normal to not have anything to cry about in particular
  • Toasted chicken and cheese sandwiches are perfectly fine for dinner when you have a newborn
  • To not expect too much of yourself with maintaining housework. Especially in the first few weeks, it's alright to be a little more relaxed and not stress about everything
The only exercise I have done so far is walking up our 3 sets of stairs everyday, apart from that I am not in a rush to see a 6 pack on this tummy (although if I woke up with a suddenly toned abdomen, I wouldn't hate it...) I have been upping my water intake and trying to limit the amount of sugar I have as the last thing I want to contend with is a sugar low and limited sleep. 

The thought of having 10 Red Bulls has crossed my mind but ...apart from the health risk though, I would probably just spend that amount of energy cooing (quite scarily after that much caffeine) over Jett and Lily anyway.

Well that's been my Week 1 Postpartum update! If I've left something out that you'd love to know, just write it in the comments below :)

Until Next Time,

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