Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family of 4: Meet Jett Lucas!

Introducing Jett Lucas Robertson!

Jett was born on the 4th November at 3:18 am, weighing a healthy 7lbs 15 oz and I have to say, he's such a little heart melter :)

I will be posting my 1 week postpartum update tomorrow (which technically will be three days late as it was a week on Sunday 11th.) It's strange to think I am a mummy to two little ones now! Lily has adjusted extremely well to having her little brother around, we really couldn't have wanted a better outcome for how she is doing.

I will be starting a new segment from next Monday called 'Mummy Mondays' which will cover topics like; baby updates, postpartum updates and everything in between. For now though I thought I would catch you all up to date on how everything went, after all, if you've been following my pregnancy updates you may be curious as to whether I had my baby or not ;)

Jett is such a great baby, just like Lily was at his age. He's very placid and lets us know when he's hungry or has a soiled nappy then he's back off to sleep or having a gaze around him. He was born with what looked like dark brown hair, but as the days go on it's starting to change to a rich strawberry Blonde colour, I've also been told he looks exactly like I did as a baby. It's truly wonderful watching them in the first few days transform into their own little being.

 In a milk coma ;)

Through my experience with having Jett, I got to meet amazing midwives and our experience at the hospital was amazing. All the staff were genuine and kind and made me feel nothing short of comfortable and relaxed, I honestly couldn't have asked for a more positive experience. 

I became especially attached to the midwife who conducted the home visits afterwards, honestly I am not sure if it was pregnancy hormones or not but I felt like crying (and came really close to doing so) when I was discharged from the hospitals care which meant I no longer would see my midwife. When you meet caring people at such an important and special time in your life, I don't think you can help but form a strong bond.

We were beyond lucky to have Lily and Jett's nannies travel down and stay for a few days after Jett's birth. They were both truly amazing in helping us all adjust and gave Luke and I some precious time together that we honestly didn't expect we'd get for many weeks - months. It also honestly made my life 100 times easier getting things done during the day, and gave me a chance to catch up on things that would otherwise have been added to my to-do or wish list (Luke and I were able to catch up on all our washing and organizing and I even managed to wash and dry my hair...ah, a great feeling!)

Adjusting to being a family of 4 for us, means taking it all in our stride one day at a time. I know if I tried to tackle everything (especially since Luke is now back at work) I would just go completely bonkers! Right now it's all about appreciating these first few years (and the fact our new house has a dishwasher!) so I can cuddle my babies and not feel guilty about what else should be getting done.

Honestly this last week has gone so fast (too fast!) Once Mr. Jett is in more of a routine and we have established a basic routine for ourselves I will update you all on what I have found works for us. For now though, it's rolling with the hours and trying to catch some sleep when Jett does.

Speaking of which, I better go catch up on some zzzzz's!

Until Next Time,

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