Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day to Night Makeup Look

This post is revisiting my 5 minute makeup post, which you can check out by clicking here. Being a mumma to a 3 year old and a newborn can leave me with limited time for things like my hair or makeup right now (honestly though, a pony tail and fresh face works fine for me!)

The two words that describe me and my relationship with makeup would be: Time Efficient

Following my 5 minute makeup look I thought it'd be fun to show you how quick (and super easy!) it is to turn day makeup into night, without spending heaps of time or effort doing so :)

This look works great if you're strapped for time, whether you're a busy mum, student, or late for work..or all of those things! You don't have to have big name products or 20 makeup brushes to achieve this look either, this is all about simplicity and working with what you already have :)


I always start off the same:
  • Skincare Regime  1 minute
  • Foundation Application: I use my fingertips because I'm too classy to have a proper brush yet ;) 2 minutes
  • Contouring  30 seconds
  • Blusher Application (my new go-to choice is BYS Coral) 10 seconds
  • Fill in my brows (keep them looking all natural) 20 seconds
  • Mascara; to make them lashes all purdy ;) 1 minute

Day to Night

  • I don't like to 'layer' my mascara over existing coats, it's just makes my eyes feel heavy and yuck. To avoid this I carefully take the existing mascara off with a remover pad, it also makes my eyes look a little more 'refreshed' by doing so. 
  • I pay a little extra care when applying mascara to my lower lashes, I've poked my eye one too many times not to be patient now
  • Black eyeliner onto the outer bottom corners of my eyes to emphasize my eye shape, this also helps make my hazel eyes 'pop' a little more. No matter what colour your eyes though, a little liner can emphasize your peepers in no time.
  • Lipstick Loving! I apply some foundation onto my lips to act as a base (I find it helps my lipstick 'hold' onto my lips for longer) then I choose a shade of lippy that's going to compliment my outfit. Tip: Experiment with colour, especially if you're keeping the rest of your makeup simple.
  • You'll figure out what colours compliment you, and you might even be surprised that the hot pink hue you fear makes you look and feel gorgeous.
  • Whether it's a nude shade or a full out Ruby Red, I like to line the outer area of my lips with a nude lip liner (or one that closely matches my lipstick) so I don't look like the Joker with smears of lippy all over. This little amount of time will help!

Honestly I don't tend to wear makeup everyday, I'm quite content with just my hair feeling fresh and some moisturiser on my face. This look however, allows me to have the chance to wear makeup should I want to.

Do you have a go-to makeup look? Let me know :)

Until Next Time,

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