Monday, November 5, 2012

Budget Beauty Buys: Hit & Misses

This list will be constantly updated to allow you insight into my most and least favorite; 
Budget Beauty Buys, here's a wrap up on some of them so far

My $7.58 (on clearance) Target Makeup Organizer!

Budget Foundation:

Miss: Starlet: Natural Coverage Cream Makeup                                                             $4.00 Kmart

It's not very easy to find foundation that is truly an Ivory shade as I soon discovered. I've ranged my search from high cost brands to more affordable types such as this particular one. Costing me under $4 at Kmart, I wasn't really sure what to expect from a $4 foundation but here's what I found:

- It's hard to blend into my skin tone, it sat on top of my skin and looked quite 'cakey.'
- I purchased it in natural ivory but the shade on my face looked quite 'sandy' or beige, unless I applied it all the way down my neck I just looked like I had a sandy face and a super pale neck.
- It felt oily upon applying and unless I applied pressed powder, it gave my face a shiny oil appearance..which wasn't what I was going for

Hit: Covergirl Trublend with blendable minerals                   (On special from $19.82) $15.82 Target

This was a recommendation from a friend who also shares my fair skin tone and I have to say, it's a hit! Here's why:

- The colour is a perfect match to my paler-than-rest-of-body face. If it was any lighter though, it would look like Geisha makeup so it's that perfect colour for those of us who have a pale complexion.
- It didn't take very much product at all to cover my entire face, usually I like to apply foundation only to the red areas of my face (nose, chin and cheeks area) but using the same amount I would to do this, I actually got full face coverage. Cost effective :)
- It's affordable :) even at $20 it's a good price for the quality of the product

Budget Concealer:

Miss: Starlet Concealer: Neutral  
$3.00 Kmart

I find this to be quite thick and cakey. It matched my skin tone surprisingly well, but it left my skin feeling like it was being smothered by a thick paste. It'd be great for if you are going out on the town and want some pretty heavy coverage, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend using too much during the day.

- Thick upon application, leaves skin feeling smothered
- Doesn't seem to want to spread easily

Budget Pressed Powder:

Miss: Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder  in 105 Ivory                                     
$15.00 Coles (Supermarket)

This wasn't at all a terrible product (as you can see I have used it A LOT!) but there are cheaper alternatives that work just as well.

- The pad it comes with applies the powder quite poorly to the skin, I found I was caking a little more than I'd like to on and defeating the purpose of a light application, this was a simple correction by opting to use a powder brush instead.
- It's quite a light shade which suits me perfectly, but I feel I need a large amount of it to make it effectively 'hold' my makeup. It can also seem a little flaky once applied.

Hit: Starlet Pressed Powder Clean Pressed Powder in Natural Ivory
$4.00 Kmart

This powder I find to be lightweight with decent coverage (for its price) and although it is quite 'powdery' upon application, it definitely isn't the worst powder of its range. 

- It can feel a little chalky if you rubbed it onto your fingers, but with a brush application you don't feel like you need a lot to 'lock' in your foundation.
- It's definitely one of the better products I have come across in the Starlet range, I haven't found that I look oily or flaky with this on
- A great price and you can rely on it to take away the glossy look of most foundations. Winner!

That's all for now folks :) The only products that I will be putting onto this post are ones that I have personally tried myself, and as always I will only give my honest opinion on all of them for you.

If there's anything you would like me to try or would recommend for a budget friendly purchase to others, feel free to comment :)

Until Next Time,

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