Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's In MY Hospital Bag


I purchased this luggage bag from Strandbags around 6 years ago. It was during the start of my 'ridiculously large handbag phase' and whilst I intended to use it as a handbag, I realized very quickly that it was a ridiculous idea, and now use it as my luggage bag/ hospital bag :)

As you can see it's quite full...and this is without my delivery Gownie packed on top.


Nursing pads (I'm not taking the box shown, just the plastic bag)

Sanitary Pads: I bought 2 different brands; Stayfree & Libra

Travel Kit of Toiletries: $15 at Target. Contains moisturizer, roll on powder, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste & toothbrush, hair comb, cosmetic bag & plastic security bag.

Disposable Razors: On sale for $1.88 at Target!

*Items I'm taking that are not shown*
-Paw Paw Ointment: I remember how dry & cracked my lips were in the hospital last time
- Dry Shampoo: So I can at least have some sort of control on how my hair is 
- Hair ties & Bobby Pins 
- 2 plastic bags for my dirty clothes 

Nursing-Friendly Pajamas: 
 I'm taking stretchy PJ bottoms that I already owned
A $20 Target Nursing top (in purple) 

4 Pairs of Maternity friendly underwear:
I bought these from Target for $6 ea

Pink Slippers

5 Pairs of Bonds Ankle Socks

Going Home Outfit:
 Nursing Friendly Shirt ($8 on clearance from Target)
Maternity Pants from BebeKMaternity
Comfortable Flat Shoes ($5 from Kmart, I've well & truly worn them in)

3 Nursing Bras:
None of which have under wire, purchased all 3 from Target

Delivery Gownie: See picture below. It folds up quite nicely, and will be on the very top of my bag.


 I am also taking a small, compact bag with some makeup basics in it.

I am still using most of the products, hence why they aren't shown but here's a list of what I will be taking:

- Mascara
- Eyeliner
- Foundation: (light, easy to remove)
- Pressed Powder
- Blusher
- 2 Makeup Brushes (for the pressed powder & blusher)
- Makeup wipes

I've perfected 'whipping' on some makeup in less then 5 minutes (you can see my post on that here) since having my daughter Lily, now 3 years old, so it's not so much a time issue, more if I have the energy and want to at the time :)

If you'd like to see what I am taking in my baby's hospital bag, just click here

Well that's what's in MY Hospital Bag :) I hope you found this interesting/ helpful, and remember you can follow this blog by clicking the tab on the side bar :)

Until Next time,


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