Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 37 Pregnancy Update: FULL TERM

Full Term Baby on Board! (Today actually marks me becoming 38 weeks pregnant)

Our little family had the flu this week so we've all felt really off and bleh! Being 9 months pregnant with the flu and a very active toddler (even when she's sick, there's no holding her back) at home to contend with has been a challenge at times, but we are all managing and just trying to get over this nasty little flu, one very long day at a time. 



These are my maternity pants from BebeKMaternity that can't be done up all the way or they'll dig into my hips, so I use a belt to help keep them up...classy pants.


Weeks: From the 12th - 18/10/2012 was week 37 of pregnancy. As soon as the week rolled over from 36 to 37 I started to feel anxious that we could have a little baby at any stage but it's the whole 'unknown' part of when he may 'arrive' that has me wondering if the next twinge I feel will lead to a real contraction.

Bump:  There's nothing major to update you on from last weeks bump-date. Still large and in charge.

Movement: Lots of hiccups and elbows this week. It's nice that Luke and Lily get to feel him move so much more now, at the start it was "quick, quick come feel this" but now his movements are a lot more common (although everything I read says that their movements are to slow down at this point) so everyday he can be seen and felt just moving around...which isn't always fun for me or my ribs.

Stretch Marks: My Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula has thickened up in the pump bottle making it quite frustrating to get out, I've now resorted to untwisting the cap and scooping it out but I do miss the good ol' days of it just working. My skin is staying together at this point, as I noted in previous posts, I have 3 little marks on my left hip from this pregnancy, as well as darkening on existing marks under my belly.  I am expecting the majority of them (if they are going to occur) at 38 weeks as that's when I got all the ones in my first pregnancy. 

Symptoms: The list of symptoms is still very much..a list, but as I near the end I don't mind AS much.
- Constant pressure on my bladder
- Aching back (not all that often, but standing up for too long doesn't help)
- Swollen hands & feet (only at night)
- Aching boobs
- Indigestion
-Lightening crotch: like baby's head is hitting a nerve
- On and off flu like symptoms: runny nose and sore throat. However Luke and Lily also seem to be coming down with the flu, sick household is never fun.
- Heartburn

Baby Buys: No new buys this week. At this point we really have everything that's essential to bring him home with and to, I haven't gone too crazy on buying newborn clothes as I think it'd be better to find out how big/small he is and go from there. I do want to check out the Belly Bandit Wraps (helps tighten & shrink your stomach post-pregnancy.) 

I first discovered them when we went for our 20 week gender determination scan but I've heard so much more about them since, and I think it'd definitely be worth the investment, they retail for $89.95 so I want to do a little more research then go into a shop and get fitted after baby.

Cravings: Soft Drink, Milk and Orange Juice. I've been too scared of drinking Orange Juice and getting severe heartburn to go down that path so instead I have been drinking zero sugar Lemonade and milk...although milk on a hot day...NOT a good choice 

Mood: Since I've had the flu this week, the words miserable and grouch comes to mind. That's just being honest. I just want to sleep all day, and block out housework and any other measly chore I might have until I'm better. Of course this is very unrealistic and not what has been happening but a sick pregnant lady can dream such things.

I take inspiration from Lily though, who although also sick, is a little trooper and soldiers through the flu with a smile and boundless energy...sigh* to be THAT happy whilst sick truly amazes, inspires and confuses me.

Highlight of the week: We went for our first Hospital Appointment, which was really just to meet with a midwife and become 'enrolled' in the hospital system. What I LOVED about it, was that Luke got to come along, as usually he is working and it's just a doctors appointment so I will go with Lily. The midwife was really happy with baby's heart rate and my blood pressure, she also noted that baby is 1/5 engaged, which my GP noted only a week earlier that he has 'dropped' further into place.

I thought I would now start having weekly appointments with the hospital, but apparently because this is a subsequent pregnancy and both have had no complications thus far, I can continue to see my GP right up until I 'pop'. My GP is located 40 minutes away in one direction and our Hospital is 40-45 minutes the other when it all starts happening fingers crossed it's a good traffic kind of day and we are heading to the hospital!

Could this be my last pregnancy update? I don't think so, he doesn't seem to want to make an appearance any time soon, but I'd LOVE to be wrong on this particular occasion ;)

Until Next Time,

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