Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 35 Pregnancy Update

What a productive week! Not only have I now managed to pack both baby's and my own hospital bag, the nursery furniture arrived on Thursday, which I will do a review on after baby is here :) and we purchased his car capsule! Very happy pregnant lady :)

Belly Ahoy!

This is just a few days difference. I'm not sure if you can tell but my bump has dropped considerably.

I am loving the Gownie! If nothing else, it'll make the midwives smile.

Weeks: From the 28/09- 04/10 was week 35 of pregnancy.  It's exciting to think this could be baby month! Especially since he's on the cusp of Oct/ Nov. My S-I-L is also expecting a baby boy only 2 days after my due date so this could definitely be the month of baby bliss. 

Bump: I am at the point in pregnancy where seeing a photo of myself not pregnant is a little strange, I am so used to sharing everything now from mattress to dining table space with my baby bump, so it'll definitely be an adjustment post-pregnancy. 

Belly Button:  Still an outtie! I think it's well and truly out and going to stay that way until after baby.

Movement:  I wouldn't say tons, although he is still moving around quite a great deal. I'm finding due to his restricted space now, the movements aren't as rapid but they are certainly felt a lot more. He seems to respond to me having cold drinks, Lily constantly talking to him and light. Also if you're to put anything on my stomach, he tends to start moving about almost instantaneous.

Stretch Marks: Only the two new ones on my hip that I told you all about in last weeks update, I using the same skin care routine as always and TRYING to eat as healthy as I can. The sides of my stomach are quite veiny at the moment from the weight of the bump so I am expecting a few to appear soon though.

I kept a journal every week when I was pregnant with Lily, and I found that I didn't have a single stretch mark until I was half way through week 38, so seeing as I am not there yet but already have 2 new ones I did initially let out a huge sigh, but in all honesty...after needing to pee every 2 minutes, having a shocking case of baby brain and fitting into only 5-6 things in my closet... a few marks that will fade away, aren't making me loose's my huge belly in general doing that ;)

Symptoms: Swollen left hand at night (thanks fluid retention) I spoke with my GP last week about this and she suggested taking my engagement ring off at night..well, it turns out the ring was bent on my finger as I had gotten my hand jammed whilst we were moving a few weeks now I can't wear the ring at all until we get it fixed :( 

Also still experiencing on and off; Braxton Hicks Contractions, Baby Brain (more on then off) and Indigestion. 

Baby Buys: Hooray! We bought a few items this week, the main ones being:
- Bassinet
- Car Capsule
- Contents for my labor/ post-delivery bag (which I did a review on here)
- Baby's going home outfit

The nursery furniture wasn't a new buy, we put it on layby a month and a half ago, but it arrived this week :) Luke is putting it all together this weekend :) Hoorah!!

Cravings: Milk. I have gone back to loving milk (this happened in the first trimester also.) Not so much dairy in general (I'm not really wanting cheese/ cream) just plain milk. I thought I would love some Honey Baked Ham chips just to mix it up a bit, but in return I got really bad indigestion and felt nauseous...I usually love them..not this week I didn't.

 I keep a few oranges in the fridge alongside my strawberry yogurt and around 1 p.m every day I chow into some chilled fruit and yogurt. Super refreshing on these warmer days. 

By dinner time I am just wanting something quick, tasty and non-time consuming so quick meals like above are perfect for this tired/ pregnant lady.

Mood: Relieved! It has been in the back of my mind about getting a car capsule and baby's nursery furniture bought and completed for many months now. One thing I am feeling flustered about though is having the house 'ready' for baby when he comes home. I'm a bit of a compulsive organizer so I like routine..moving states and having empty boxes around is driving me nuts difficult for the organizer side of me to contend with but...I'm taking it day by day and not exhausting myself. 

Highlight of the week: I went for an ultrasound this week, and it confirmed that baby is head down, perfectly healthy and it's now just a matter of him arriving. The ultrasound technician also told Lily that the baby was waving to her which made her whole face light up and so began her madly waving at the baby. She is ecstatic to meet him and loves any opportunity to talk to him, kiss my belly or sing extremely loud so he can hear her :) 

Do you think it's baby month this month?  Leave your comments below :)

Until Next Time,

Couldn't help but add this picture in :)

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