Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wardrobe Rehab

My Personal style at the moment is: whatever goes over my baby bump, I will wear.

After having this baby, I am plan on taking my Wardrobe to a day spa Rehab. 
I've added a few pieces here and there along the past few months, but seeing as I have been quite pregnant these past few months...my wardrobe is looking very over-worn and stretched.

I plan to take a 6 step approach:

#1 The Cull or Charity Pile:
Remove everything that isn't well fitting anymore. This doesn't just mean too tight but also those items that I may have over worn and as a result have lost any flattering quality to them. These items will be thrown out or if still in good condition given to a charity.

This shirt has been culled already


As you can see, I've worn this singlet a few times throughout my pregnancy...it's lost all original shape..culled

#2 My Style:  

Whether you love to rock animal print with black jeans and pumps or are more the neutral colour type gal, your style should reflect your personality. I'm a bit of a mish-mash when it comes to my own sense of style. I like to rock animal print with neutral coloured pants and a pair of ballet flats, and that's just me.

While I am making my cull or charity pile, I will be evaluating whether the clothes I have accepted as hand me downs/ on sale items/ can't remember how they ever got in my wardrobe pieces compliment my personality or not.

#3 The Essentials:  

Example; that little black dress. Ah, I have 4 black dresses in my closet, but they are all from my teenage days of going out and aren't what I would choose to re-wear (they will be culled.) I am after a classic LBD that compliments my shape now, my body's has changed after 2 pregnancies and I want to embrace it.

I've comprised a list of the wardrobe essentials that I don't want to skimp on quality, and those of which I can be very flexible with my budget. This makes it easier to know what budget I can work with.

Your style will very possibly change over the next few years, but having the essentials there to help keep you together until the next rehab visit is a big time/money and stress saver.

#4 Organizing:  

Whether you are a little OCD (guilty) and like to colour co-ordinate your closet or you just fold EVERYTHING and stick it in your drawers with the exception of 1-2 'good' items hung in the closet, a system of clothes organization will save you money and time.

It'll save you money by easily being able to see what items you already have, so you can avoid wasting your pennies on items you already have 5-10 of and start to invest in THAT item you've put aside in your head as being unattainable.

It'll also save you time by once again being able to easily see what is where and avoiding digging through piles of clothes only to find your desired item wrinkled and in need of a good iron.

#5 Knowing your colour:  

Pallet that is. This relates back to knowing your style. Whether your preference is nautical or neutral, your new wardrobe items will be based largely on this..if they're not, then you're just going back into the nasty cycle of spending money and time adding to your closet items that aren't going to compliment your personality or shape.

#6 Quality:  

With a blog name like Skinny Budget it's hopefully understandable that I am on..a Skinny Budget.
If I want something, I generally layby or save and pay for it in full (the exception being my car..but that's for a different post.)

When it comes to clothes I have always shopped at Kmart, Target or just the clearance areas at many big brand places...and my wardrobe quality has reflected a lot of that..not all of the items I bought on sale are of bad quality, but few and far between can I find a decent item that I've bought on the cheap that has stayed true to it's store bought shape after 5+ washes.

I have been extremely lucky on a few occasions and stumbled across clearance sales that have seen me pick up great quality items for a fraction of their original cost, items that I still have now, but I have also not been lucky with a lot of my cheaper alternative purchases and after only 2-3 washes they've lost all shape and elasticity.

To me, there are just some items that need more investment then others.

I hope you found this helpful, or at least a little insightful into how OCD my closet will be ;)

Until Next Time,

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