Monday, October 29, 2012

Pantry Organization: Phase 1

This is 'Phase 1' of Operation: Pantry Organization. 

I didn't want to blow our budget on the first project I tackled at our new house straight away (although with the price of good quality containers, it'd be very easy to!) So I am tackling this project in a few phases, that way I get the organized pantry I desire without spending any more money on it then I need to :) 

After being disappointed by our not so affordable local 'dollar saver' type store (they wanted $12 for one container) I checked out my local Coles and came across an impressive selection of Sistema Containers. I have a list of containers that I am going to buy for Operation: Pantry, to avoid making random/ multiple purchases on items I won't use. I plan to buy 3-5 containers every fortnight until my list is complete :)

I bought 2 cereal containers with clip on lids and flap dispensers for $7.00 ea, I love that they have handles on the back to make it easier to grab out of the pantry in the morning. I also purchased a tall container (to store pasta) for $5.50 and a large water jug (complete with filter) for $7.00. A few months ago, I purchased 2 'lunch box' sized Sistema containers with clip down lids and I currently use one for Luke's work lunch and the other for more pasta. Definitely recommend them!

Above is a quick layout I drew up that shows how I initially wanted our pantry to look once completed, I've since then tweaked item placement according to what we use the most (daily) compared to what we may only use once a week or fortnight (baking supplies.)

Here is a quick overview of what my pantry looks like after Phase 1. Forgive the pantry for looking a little bare at the moment, it's a work in progress of course ;)

This is a break down of shelf space usage; The top shelf houses our cereal, which Lily and I only seem to eat so for now I only needed 2 medium cereal dispensers, rather than the tall bulky ones. I also intend to keep all of our snack supplies on this shelf for lunches (think muesli bars crackers and biscuits.) These items are all easily accessible but aren't used more than once a day so up the top they live :)

 The second shelf is home to cooking supplies such as; pastas, rice, breadcrumbs, cooking oils, spices etc. I plan on stocking up on more canned goods in the next few weeks and these will take up new housing together on the fourth shelf, but for now I have just placed them on the second shelf as they are all part of my menu plan for the next fortnight.

The third shelf I plan to use as my baking goods supply area as well as a home for my cook books (I only have 3 so far) I don't do as much baking as I'd like to at the moment but I am starting to compile a list of muffins, cakes and cookies that I'd love to try so I am slowly adding to this shelf and will hopefully be making mini muffins and caramel slices in no time at all :)

This is my least favourite shelf at the moment, but I do have plans for it! This is going to be my 'bulk storage' shelf that will house 'extras' when I buy in bulk. The laundry powder will be housed downstairs (it was only put on this shelf to keep it off the bench for a second...but then overstayed it's welcome) and the dog food will be placed on the floor, or as I like to name it, the 5th shelf. The phone books will also be removed and put into a kitchen drawer as they take up valuable pantry space.

The shopping bags will still stay on the 5th shelf as if they're out of sight I definitely won't remember to bring them with me shopping, however I want to organize them a little better (of course) so they're not sprawled out on the floor.

I will upload Phase 2 of Pantry Organization in the next fortnight, when once again I have added to my storage collection :) To save you some money on storage containers, I suggest looking at possibly recycling containers you may already have.

For example:
- to store rice, I re-used my glass coffee container
- to store breadcrumbs, I re-used a pasta sauce container

I hope you found this remotely helpful or interesting :)

Until Next Time,

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