Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY Layered Haircut

 I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a few weeks now, and I'd probably still be contemplating it's length if it wasn't for cutting it today ;)

It was more a trim really, although there was quite a bit of hair in the basin once I had finished ha ha. I just feel since it's Spring/Summer weather, I need my hair lighter but still manageable (no more bob haircuts for me.)

My hair scissors aren't nearly as sharp as I'd love them to be but they still managed my thick mane and I am really happy with the end result. I hope you can see even a little of the difference, since it's a trim it's not very OMG YOU GOT YOUR HAIRCUT! but I think doing it DIY it's always best to start with a longer length and see how you feel. I personally like my longer length :)

Here's what I used:


Leave-in Conditioner
Frizz treatment
Hair Brush
Hair clip
Scissors (preferably sharp hair scissors ;)

My layers were all but grown out, and weighed all my hair down. 
There was no volume in the top area due to the weight of my hair
The tips were orange, as I've been growing out my 'Ombre look' since last year.
It'd been a few months since my last trim, so I had some split ends going on a spree


I had to really extend my patience. I have thick hair and doing a lazy job on my hair really shows up.
I applied a small amount of leave-in conditioner to my tips and then in the general lengths
 I parted my hair down the middle to maintain even cuts on both sides
I started with my bottom layers, allowing me to see how long my hair would be at the end

I continually checked that both sides were even 
My belly took up a lot of room, which = it covered in hair by the end
I worked my way to the top of my head carefully, not rushing
I knew from the get go that I wanted LONG layers so I started from my jaw area and worked the scissors downwards
I separated my 'fringe' area and made sure to not cut too much away

I really enjoyed this DIY haircut. I felt really relaxed during it and most importantly I LOVE the end result :)

My hair feels so much lighter
It's so much easier to style thanks to the layers
My ends are so much softer (along with the rest of my hair)
It's still a manageable length :)

 I will try to record the next time I DIY trim/cut my hair, this time was more of a 'I had time so did it then' but I'd love to show you all exactly how I do it.

Would you/ have you ever cut/trimmed your own hair? Did it turn out okay? 

Let me know in the comments below :)

Until Next Time,

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