Friday, October 26, 2012

38 Week Pregnancy Update

Recovering from the flu, trying to get the house spotless and crisp (more so a personal OCD thing) and feeling larger then life had me constantly asking the baby this week, ARE YOU READY NOW? No, seemed to be the very apparent answer.


Weeks: From the 19th - 25/10/2012 was week 38 of pregnancy. I am so ready for sleepless nights with a newborn baby and not with my bladder and the bathroom. Honestly I will cry if I go over my due date, although it's my 38th week (39th by the time you read this) I feel like its been 52+ weeks and I can't remember seeing my toes or walking down the stairs and not having to sit down and rest for 10 mins to recover.

Bump:  I definitely feel like the roundness of my bump has dropped considerably down this week. There is now a space between the bottom of my boobs and the top of my bump, which there hasn't been in many weeks! Due to this shift in weight, I have also begun to feel the need to use the bathroom every 2 minutes instead of 10 and lightening crotch is now a daily occurrence unfortunately.

Movement: So much movement! I really didn't expect much at all in the last few weeks, but I am still feeling and seeing heaps of movement. At some points in can become almost unbearable when the movements are occurring around my rib area but for the most part it's just pokes and prods at the side of my belly. 

Stretch Marks:  I discovered 3 new stretch marks along the left side of my stomach this week, along with 3 new stretch marks on my right hip *exaggerated sigh* After feeling larger than life this week, it honestly wasn't the best way to end the week but as I wrote in last weeks update, I seem to get stretch marks mainly in the 38th week was somewhat mentally prepared for I suppose.

Symptoms: I have finally started to recover from the head cold (at first I thought it was the flu) that our whole family seemed to be struck with, these last few days. I am extremely grateful to be able to breathe out of my nose again without the pounding headache or watery eyes :) 

I started to experience 'false labor' this week, which to be honest sucks :( At this point I am very over being as big as I am, and false labor just seems to get my hopes up (along with giving me pain) then nothing. Curse you false labor!!

- Braxton Hicks (SO many!!)
- False Labor: feel like menstural cramps, but very irregular and more in my lower back/ side
- Indigestion
- Acid Reflux
- Lightening crotch: this has really amped up this week, and I am not a fan
- Pelvic Pressure: it feels like a 'bearing' down sensation, also, not a fan.

Baby Buys: Still nothing new to show or let you guys in on at this point.  The car seat is now all set in the car, bags are in the boot and the baby in my belly just needs to let us know he's ready for the world! I do want to look at getting some more cotton wraps at this point and a baby record book though.

Cravings: Sorry to be boring but no cravings this week. All I really ever feel like at the moment is icy cold water.

Mood: Through this pregnancy I have felt this 'amount' of anxiety about having everything ready for baby's arrival, and although I welcomed with much praise our moving of states for Luke's work, it also brought with it more anxiety that we wouldn't have everything ready in time. At 38 weeks everything is as ready as it can be, and I am ecstatic to write that I no longer feel any anxiety about being unprepared. Even arrangements for Lily have been made and are in place, should I go into labor at any point from here. PHEW!

Luke helped me with a big list of things I wanted to have done prior to baby's arrival this week. Some were just little things like vacuuming or putting some boxes away, but there were larger ones such as having our guest room set up for Jess' arrival/ family visits after baby is born. All of the list was completed and I have to say, I am beyond ecstatic at this point with how much progress we have made :)

Highlight of the week: I'd LOVE to write having the baby ;) ha ha but no, that's not the case. Something still extremely exciting is Jess coming to stay with us :) Having some adult interaction during the week will be a very nice change  (don't get me wrong, I love my tea parties and dress up time with Lily too) and also knowing that if I go into labor, Lily will be in the care of someone we know and trust...phew! Another lift of weight off these in-need-of-a-massage shoulders :)

Did you read my labor & delivery story from my first pregnancy? If you didn't but would like to just click here.

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