Friday, October 12, 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry the update is a day late everyone, I haven't had the baby! 
I've just been huffing and puffing around organizing some things and attending some appointments. 
Here's to another week behind us and not very more to go :)



Cutting my hair has given me enough 'boost' to get through the next 3.5 weeks .... I hope.

Weeks: From the 05th - 11/10/2012 was week 36 of pregnancy, and I have to say I am feeling very done with being a watermelon smuggler now. I am now almost entirely out of clothes and everything else that once fitted me. I just feel bleh at this point! I'm not sure if the warmer days are a contributing factor but I am ready to have a newborn already and feel human again.

Bump:  I expected to put on more... 'roundness' in these last few weeks, as I have been told that baby's organs are now functioning and quite capable of performing outside the womb however he is just putting on 'brown fat' at this point until birth. That being said though...I feel my body heard my GP wrong and has gone on a quest to get as much fat to the least desired areas of MY body as it can. I'm all for cute and cuddly, but getting myself up and down 3 sets of stairs every's not all the great.

Belly Button: Outtie power all the way! This may sound a little (or very) strange but I think I am going to miss being able to rub my belly button ha ha. 

Movement: Big movements! I appreciate he has restricted space now, but I still get startled and a little freaked out when I feel and see the whole side of my stomach looking like something from an alien movie. It's cute at the start...but now at the end, it's a little startling.

Stretch Marks: I'm noticing a lot of darkening of the existing marks, my poor skin is stretching every way and I think it's taking it's toll. I am still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula as I have for many, many months, I lather it on morning and night still but I think it may be a Placebo. 

Symptoms: I have a little list...
- Constant pressure on my bladder
- Aching back (not all that often, but standing up for too long doesn't help)
- Swollen hands & feet (only at night)
- Aching boobs
- Indigestion
-Lightening crotch: like baby's head is hitting a nerve
-Morning sickeness: I haven't actually been sick, but the nausea has returned
- On and off flu like symptoms: which are SOMETIMES a sign that labor isn't too far off
- Heartburn

Honestly maybe I'm just more of a whinger sensitive this pregnancy but I feel like there are so many more symptoms this time around. I never experienced any limb swelling with lily until the day before she was born.

Baby Buys: Nothing new this week. We have our bags packed, the car seat (not yet installed but we're doing it this weekend), the nursery is all set up ...I think we just need more cotton wraps and some bedding for his bassinet and that's it.

Cravings: Since I have still been battling Acid reflux and Indigestion this week (lucky me) I haven't really felt like anything in particular. I've had my lemonade phase, my olives and cheese phase but nothing very bizarre and I think at this point with less than 4 weeks to go...I may be in the clear...or have just jinxed myself.

Mood: I have been a very big stress ball this week, worrying about details I can't very well alter. We have a plan in place that will see one of my practically-family members coming to stay with us around a week before baby's due date to help out with Lily and just spend time with us, but I keep stressing out that if baby comes earlier/later (as they often do) than expected it won't all go to plan.

I wish I flick a switch in my brain and turn off the worrying side, and constantly be in my happy place surrounded by chocolate of absolute bliss.

Highlight of the week: Having the nursery set up! Luke finished work last Friday night, came straight home and surprised me by setting up all the nursery furniture that had only been delivered the day before. I thought we'd have it set up over the weekend but it was an awesome surprise to have it all done and then have the weekend to do my own prepping of the nursery (think cooing over little outfits and socks)

Until Next Time,

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