Monday, October 29, 2012

Pantry Organization: Phase 1

This is 'Phase 1' of Operation: Pantry Organization. 

I didn't want to blow our budget on the first project I tackled at our new house straight away (although with the price of good quality containers, it'd be very easy to!) So I am tackling this project in a few phases, that way I get the organized pantry I desire without spending any more money on it then I need to :) 

After being disappointed by our not so affordable local 'dollar saver' type store (they wanted $12 for one container) I checked out my local Coles and came across an impressive selection of Sistema Containers. I have a list of containers that I am going to buy for Operation: Pantry, to avoid making random/ multiple purchases on items I won't use. I plan to buy 3-5 containers every fortnight until my list is complete :)

I bought 2 cereal containers with clip on lids and flap dispensers for $7.00 ea, I love that they have handles on the back to make it easier to grab out of the pantry in the morning. I also purchased a tall container (to store pasta) for $5.50 and a large water jug (complete with filter) for $7.00. A few months ago, I purchased 2 'lunch box' sized Sistema containers with clip down lids and I currently use one for Luke's work lunch and the other for more pasta. Definitely recommend them!

Above is a quick layout I drew up that shows how I initially wanted our pantry to look once completed, I've since then tweaked item placement according to what we use the most (daily) compared to what we may only use once a week or fortnight (baking supplies.)

Here is a quick overview of what my pantry looks like after Phase 1. Forgive the pantry for looking a little bare at the moment, it's a work in progress of course ;)

This is a break down of shelf space usage; The top shelf houses our cereal, which Lily and I only seem to eat so for now I only needed 2 medium cereal dispensers, rather than the tall bulky ones. I also intend to keep all of our snack supplies on this shelf for lunches (think muesli bars crackers and biscuits.) These items are all easily accessible but aren't used more than once a day so up the top they live :)

 The second shelf is home to cooking supplies such as; pastas, rice, breadcrumbs, cooking oils, spices etc. I plan on stocking up on more canned goods in the next few weeks and these will take up new housing together on the fourth shelf, but for now I have just placed them on the second shelf as they are all part of my menu plan for the next fortnight.

The third shelf I plan to use as my baking goods supply area as well as a home for my cook books (I only have 3 so far) I don't do as much baking as I'd like to at the moment but I am starting to compile a list of muffins, cakes and cookies that I'd love to try so I am slowly adding to this shelf and will hopefully be making mini muffins and caramel slices in no time at all :)

This is my least favourite shelf at the moment, but I do have plans for it! This is going to be my 'bulk storage' shelf that will house 'extras' when I buy in bulk. The laundry powder will be housed downstairs (it was only put on this shelf to keep it off the bench for a second...but then overstayed it's welcome) and the dog food will be placed on the floor, or as I like to name it, the 5th shelf. The phone books will also be removed and put into a kitchen drawer as they take up valuable pantry space.

The shopping bags will still stay on the 5th shelf as if they're out of sight I definitely won't remember to bring them with me shopping, however I want to organize them a little better (of course) so they're not sprawled out on the floor.

I will upload Phase 2 of Pantry Organization in the next fortnight, when once again I have added to my storage collection :) To save you some money on storage containers, I suggest looking at possibly recycling containers you may already have.

For example:
- to store rice, I re-used my glass coffee container
- to store breadcrumbs, I re-used a pasta sauce container

I hope you found this remotely helpful or interesting :)

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 26, 2012

38 Week Pregnancy Update

Recovering from the flu, trying to get the house spotless and crisp (more so a personal OCD thing) and feeling larger then life had me constantly asking the baby this week, ARE YOU READY NOW? No, seemed to be the very apparent answer.


Weeks: From the 19th - 25/10/2012 was week 38 of pregnancy. I am so ready for sleepless nights with a newborn baby and not with my bladder and the bathroom. Honestly I will cry if I go over my due date, although it's my 38th week (39th by the time you read this) I feel like its been 52+ weeks and I can't remember seeing my toes or walking down the stairs and not having to sit down and rest for 10 mins to recover.

Bump:  I definitely feel like the roundness of my bump has dropped considerably down this week. There is now a space between the bottom of my boobs and the top of my bump, which there hasn't been in many weeks! Due to this shift in weight, I have also begun to feel the need to use the bathroom every 2 minutes instead of 10 and lightening crotch is now a daily occurrence unfortunately.

Movement: So much movement! I really didn't expect much at all in the last few weeks, but I am still feeling and seeing heaps of movement. At some points in can become almost unbearable when the movements are occurring around my rib area but for the most part it's just pokes and prods at the side of my belly. 

Stretch Marks:  I discovered 3 new stretch marks along the left side of my stomach this week, along with 3 new stretch marks on my right hip *exaggerated sigh* After feeling larger than life this week, it honestly wasn't the best way to end the week but as I wrote in last weeks update, I seem to get stretch marks mainly in the 38th week was somewhat mentally prepared for I suppose.

Symptoms: I have finally started to recover from the head cold (at first I thought it was the flu) that our whole family seemed to be struck with, these last few days. I am extremely grateful to be able to breathe out of my nose again without the pounding headache or watery eyes :) 

I started to experience 'false labor' this week, which to be honest sucks :( At this point I am very over being as big as I am, and false labor just seems to get my hopes up (along with giving me pain) then nothing. Curse you false labor!!

- Braxton Hicks (SO many!!)
- False Labor: feel like menstural cramps, but very irregular and more in my lower back/ side
- Indigestion
- Acid Reflux
- Lightening crotch: this has really amped up this week, and I am not a fan
- Pelvic Pressure: it feels like a 'bearing' down sensation, also, not a fan.

Baby Buys: Still nothing new to show or let you guys in on at this point.  The car seat is now all set in the car, bags are in the boot and the baby in my belly just needs to let us know he's ready for the world! I do want to look at getting some more cotton wraps at this point and a baby record book though.

Cravings: Sorry to be boring but no cravings this week. All I really ever feel like at the moment is icy cold water.

Mood: Through this pregnancy I have felt this 'amount' of anxiety about having everything ready for baby's arrival, and although I welcomed with much praise our moving of states for Luke's work, it also brought with it more anxiety that we wouldn't have everything ready in time. At 38 weeks everything is as ready as it can be, and I am ecstatic to write that I no longer feel any anxiety about being unprepared. Even arrangements for Lily have been made and are in place, should I go into labor at any point from here. PHEW!

Luke helped me with a big list of things I wanted to have done prior to baby's arrival this week. Some were just little things like vacuuming or putting some boxes away, but there were larger ones such as having our guest room set up for Jess' arrival/ family visits after baby is born. All of the list was completed and I have to say, I am beyond ecstatic at this point with how much progress we have made :)

Highlight of the week: I'd LOVE to write having the baby ;) ha ha but no, that's not the case. Something still extremely exciting is Jess coming to stay with us :) Having some adult interaction during the week will be a very nice change  (don't get me wrong, I love my tea parties and dress up time with Lily too) and also knowing that if I go into labor, Lily will be in the care of someone we know and trust...phew! Another lift of weight off these in-need-of-a-massage shoulders :)

Did you read my labor & delivery story from my first pregnancy? If you didn't but would like to just click here.

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Labor & Delivery Story: Lily

This post is an honest account of what I can remember from my labor & delivery with Lily. There are no 'gory' pictures to scare you off  :) I've tried to keep the accounts as 'nutshell' like as I can

My foot/ankle swelled up the day before labor started, it wasn't at all painful, just a pins & needles sensation.

It was around 7:00 a.m on the 15th of April 2009, I'd just gotten up to use the bathroom for the 6-7th time and as I laid back down in bed, I immediately felt a little like I'd gotten off the toilet prematurely and by this point (39 weeks pregnant) I wouldn't put it past my body to wet itself a tiny bit. I always expected (thanks entirely to movies) that when my waters 'broke' it'd be this moment of "ARGH! MY WATER JUST BROKE."

I remember sighing thinking awesome, now I'm forgetting to stay on the toilet long enough not to wet myself. Half asleep still, I stumbled to the bathroom and decided since I was now up, and had most likely peed myself I would just have a shower and get ready for the day ahead.

After the shower I felt great; I straightened my hair, and remember thinking to myself while doing so, wow! I am having an awesome hair day!! After 20-30 minutes though, I noticed I was still...'leaking.' Like any normal person I woke Luke up and told him, Googled my symptoms and discovered that this was actually the 'start' of labor and the 'leakage' was indeed my water. I remember being so calm, so..placid about it all, like I had just accomplished utter peace through meditation. 

Luke was just waking up when I went into the room, and I asked if he'd had a good sleep, still half asleep himself he nodded yes, to which I replied "oh that's good, because I think my waters broke half an hour ago..." Luke went straight into 'Call the hospital/ Should we go there now?' mode. The hospital told us to come in immediately as I wasn't experiencing any contractions yet my water had broken, they wanted to monitor me and the baby. Before you could say "we're having a baby" we were on our way to the hospital.

Lily wasn't 'progressing' on her own as much as they [midwives] would have liked, so they hooked me up to a drip and carefully monitored Lily via a monitor strapped on my belly (see the picture below.)  There was talk of inducing me at one point, however I soon started to feel 'cramping' without any assistance, thinking these semi-painful cramps were my contractions I was happy that they didn't hurt nearly as much as what I had anticipated. I was soon informed they were 'practice contractions'.

I went from not feeling comfortable that my hospital gown exposed my underwear at the back, to leaning over the bed waving my hips madly around in a circle, like I had a hula-hoop in a matter of minutes ha ha. My midwife informed me it would help ease my backache..I can't remember whether it did or not. I decided not too long after the contractions really amped up that I'd 'try' some gas, but honestly it just made me feel quite drunk (although I became extremely attached to it!) I also came to the conclusion at one point (thanks to the effects of the gas) that the midwives had secretly turned the gas off and were seeing if I'd notice (they'd hadn't..)

I remember wanting to use the bathroom when my contractions were quite painful and the midwives were insisting that I just use a bedpan, I'm not sure why or how I still had my dignity about me as I'd heard you 'leave it at the door' but I devised this idea in my head I could use the bathroom in private and return back to the bed, all in between contractions....turns out I could not.

I had a really bad contraction as I sat down in the bathroom and remember not wanting to let the midwives or Luke know they were right, so I bit my lip and squeezed the roll of toilet paper with all my might. I came out and tried to act very casual, but I'm sure they all heard me cringe in pain.

The main reason I didn't opt for an epidural was the thought of a needle near my spine. That is until it came time for delivery, when my midwives were telling me 'it's almost time, stick with it' and I was telling them 'It's TIME FOR THE EPIDURAL!!' It was too late for it, however they did offer me a shot of pethidine which would apparently take the edge off my contractions, at that time time I would have taken a smack to the head or done a naked dance to escape the contractions. I don't remember the needle in my thigh, or it taking the edge off, because Lily arrived unexpectedly 20 minutes later and not the 2-4 hours they were expecting.

Sadly Lily was affected by the Pethidine due to arriving so shortly after it being administered. She  didn't 'attach' when I tried to breast feed her (I even had 2 lactation consultants try to help) which left me feeling really miserable and disheartened as my entire pregnancy all I was fed was "breast is best! babies benefit more from breast milk!" I think there should be more talk about when you simply can't breastfeed and how formula sometimes is the option we then take, so mothers don't feel like they have 'failed' in any way. I expressed milk for as long as I could until my body was just beyond exhausted and we opted for formula. 

Lily had to stay in the hospital for 7 days in total as she had also swallowed some fluid on her way out and it was not just affecting her feeding but making her breathing a little shallow. I stayed in the  mums room in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) which made the anxiety of not having her home and 100% more bearable. Luke visited us every single day (as he wasn't allowed to stay in the ward) and on the 7th day we were able to take her home as she had made a full recovery :)


Luke was so great through the whole experience, no matter how 'drunk' I felt on the gas I remember him being really attentive and nurturing through all of my moments of insanity (thanks a bunch gas!) Something that I really didn't know would happen straight away was Lily immediately bonding with Luke, it made being able to have a nap or even just 5 minutes to brush my hair so much more plausible! They have always been like 2 peas in a pod.

 After her week stint in hospital she made a full recovery and we've never looked back. I am to this day, really grateful for the stay we had at the hospital (although at the time I felt miserable) I racked the midwives brains on just about everything from what to expect with Lily's eating and growth to my own recovery time etc. By the time we left the hospital I felt as confident as ever about bringing Lily home, it was still daunting being my first child, but I felt more than ever ready to face each day.

The hospital didn't have any pink dummies at the time, and unfortunately Lily became quite attached to this blue dummy until finally we were able to take it away. Until that point we always had people asking (even when she was head to toe in pink!) whether she was a boy..

We were beyond words lucky to have such a happy and healthy baby after her stay in hospital. Lily slept through the nights from around 3 months and we never had any issues with the transition to solid food. She has always been happy just to relax with us or go for car trips and explore new places, which made the transition for me into parenthood at a young age more rewarding then I could ever blog about.

I'm curious as to what my Labor & Delivery Story with our son will be like...

Did you find this interesting? Let me know x

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Management Binder

As a mummy of an active 3.5 year old daughter and expectant mummy to a newborn son very soon (my due date is the 2nd of November) I like to lead and keep an organized life as much as I can. It's like my little sanctuary amongst all the chaos that life can throw along the way.

I wanted to show you how inexpensive a time management binder can be :) I use a white plastic  binder which I purchased from Kmart for around $3, along with some clear slip protectors and coloured dividers for around $6 in total.

You'll notice I don't have any of my dividers labelled, I sometimes chop and change my divider tabs so it's easier for me not to have them labelled and surprisingly I have never forgotten what the tab colours represent. There's always a bit of tweaking involved until you find what works for you and what doesn't :)

Planning Tab (Pink): Even before this tab, I have a calendar for that particular month so I can write down doctors appointments or events that are relevant and need noting. In the planning area I then have:
Important dates which I organise by month
Daily to-do list which is something I just add to the night before as each day can bring with it much more or less things to do and,
Master to-do list which I have found very handy since being pregnant and wanting so much organized prior to baby's arrival, I can add something to the list and also add a date to have done by along.

Meals & Menu Planning Tab (Yellow)
Menu Plan for the fortnight ahead, I go through my pantry, fridge and freezer to suss out what items I already have then include them in my menu plan
Recipes To Try I really want to broaden my skills in the kitchen, so if I find a recipe I know the family would love I just jot in down in here (or if I'm lazy, print it off the Internet)
Shopping List I always complete this after menu planning which makes grocery shopping so much more cost and time effective :)

Money & Finance Tab (Purple): This tab to me is very important to have organized, I have a print out of each bill and if I receive a bill via email (which I do for the majority of them) I make notes of them in this section and their due date, I also add any applicable notes such as if a payment plan has been organized etc. I organize all bills via their due date and constantly refer to my excel spreadsheet of our family budget to maintain each bill has been input in the budget to be paid.

Debt Tab (Blue): This tab leads directly on from the purple tab, however it contains information about the debt we owe (such as our car) so if I need to find a certain date or amount for a loan, I know the blue tab is the relevant one to look in. Purple is more for household expenses.

Home Management Tab (Purple): Although this is another purple tab, I know after the debt tab I have all my home cleaning, inventory and party plan sheets so it's not at all confusing for me.
Household Cleaning I like to do a room or two a day, top to bottom so that come the weekend or end of the month, I am not struggling to organize and clean the entire house. It also allows me more time to spend doing things I love such as having tea parties with Lily or drawing up my next big creation.

Inventory List I neglect this area quite a bit, I used to use it to keep track of the cleaning items we had/ needed so that my household cleaning routine never became interrupted due to lack of sponges or wipes.
Party Planner This area is where I write ideas for either Lily or Luke's upcoming birthday or special occasions (or even my own) and that way I can track our budget and make sure I am leaving enough money spare for what I'd be planning.

This was a free printable that I got offline, I can't remember the site now though :(

Family/Lily's Preschool Tab (Pink): This holds personal information for each of us such as:
Clothing sizes (including shoes) which makes going shopping for Luke and Lily SO much easier and less stressful, of course since Lily is an ever-growing toddler I constantly am updating information on her height and weight
Gift suggestion list for each family member, I update this every month as Lily is always going through phases, so for her I use it more as a 'general' window into what she would like.
Luke's lunch planner this particular area helps save me time as I know what I will be putting in his lunch box and what Lily and I will be having also on that day (time saver!)

Blog Tab (Green): I quickly jot ideas down on a scrap of paper that I have hole punched into the binder behind this tab, it allows me to elaborate on ideas later on when I have a bit more down-time. It could be anything from what my next blog post will be regarding, to what kind of give-away I'd love to hold etc, any idea that's related to this blog goes into this tab.

Wedding Inspiration Tab (Blue): This tab is looking a little empty right now as I have a habit of saving all the inspirational pictures I find on Google in a folder on my Desktop, however I do plan to start looking more into wedding magazines etc. to get a better idea of what kind of wedding I'd like.

I understand this binder is completely customized to my needs and wants, but I am hoping that you found it even remotely interesting or useful. You may be much more organized then I am and add 5+ tabs to your binder or you might just find it fascinating how some people go about time management.

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 37 Pregnancy Update: FULL TERM

Full Term Baby on Board! (Today actually marks me becoming 38 weeks pregnant)

Our little family had the flu this week so we've all felt really off and bleh! Being 9 months pregnant with the flu and a very active toddler (even when she's sick, there's no holding her back) at home to contend with has been a challenge at times, but we are all managing and just trying to get over this nasty little flu, one very long day at a time. 



These are my maternity pants from BebeKMaternity that can't be done up all the way or they'll dig into my hips, so I use a belt to help keep them up...classy pants.


Weeks: From the 12th - 18/10/2012 was week 37 of pregnancy. As soon as the week rolled over from 36 to 37 I started to feel anxious that we could have a little baby at any stage but it's the whole 'unknown' part of when he may 'arrive' that has me wondering if the next twinge I feel will lead to a real contraction.

Bump:  There's nothing major to update you on from last weeks bump-date. Still large and in charge.

Movement: Lots of hiccups and elbows this week. It's nice that Luke and Lily get to feel him move so much more now, at the start it was "quick, quick come feel this" but now his movements are a lot more common (although everything I read says that their movements are to slow down at this point) so everyday he can be seen and felt just moving around...which isn't always fun for me or my ribs.

Stretch Marks: My Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula has thickened up in the pump bottle making it quite frustrating to get out, I've now resorted to untwisting the cap and scooping it out but I do miss the good ol' days of it just working. My skin is staying together at this point, as I noted in previous posts, I have 3 little marks on my left hip from this pregnancy, as well as darkening on existing marks under my belly.  I am expecting the majority of them (if they are going to occur) at 38 weeks as that's when I got all the ones in my first pregnancy. 

Symptoms: The list of symptoms is still very much..a list, but as I near the end I don't mind AS much.
- Constant pressure on my bladder
- Aching back (not all that often, but standing up for too long doesn't help)
- Swollen hands & feet (only at night)
- Aching boobs
- Indigestion
-Lightening crotch: like baby's head is hitting a nerve
- On and off flu like symptoms: runny nose and sore throat. However Luke and Lily also seem to be coming down with the flu, sick household is never fun.
- Heartburn

Baby Buys: No new buys this week. At this point we really have everything that's essential to bring him home with and to, I haven't gone too crazy on buying newborn clothes as I think it'd be better to find out how big/small he is and go from there. I do want to check out the Belly Bandit Wraps (helps tighten & shrink your stomach post-pregnancy.) 

I first discovered them when we went for our 20 week gender determination scan but I've heard so much more about them since, and I think it'd definitely be worth the investment, they retail for $89.95 so I want to do a little more research then go into a shop and get fitted after baby.

Cravings: Soft Drink, Milk and Orange Juice. I've been too scared of drinking Orange Juice and getting severe heartburn to go down that path so instead I have been drinking zero sugar Lemonade and milk...although milk on a hot day...NOT a good choice 

Mood: Since I've had the flu this week, the words miserable and grouch comes to mind. That's just being honest. I just want to sleep all day, and block out housework and any other measly chore I might have until I'm better. Of course this is very unrealistic and not what has been happening but a sick pregnant lady can dream such things.

I take inspiration from Lily though, who although also sick, is a little trooper and soldiers through the flu with a smile and boundless energy...sigh* to be THAT happy whilst sick truly amazes, inspires and confuses me.

Highlight of the week: We went for our first Hospital Appointment, which was really just to meet with a midwife and become 'enrolled' in the hospital system. What I LOVED about it, was that Luke got to come along, as usually he is working and it's just a doctors appointment so I will go with Lily. The midwife was really happy with baby's heart rate and my blood pressure, she also noted that baby is 1/5 engaged, which my GP noted only a week earlier that he has 'dropped' further into place.

I thought I would now start having weekly appointments with the hospital, but apparently because this is a subsequent pregnancy and both have had no complications thus far, I can continue to see my GP right up until I 'pop'. My GP is located 40 minutes away in one direction and our Hospital is 40-45 minutes the other when it all starts happening fingers crossed it's a good traffic kind of day and we are heading to the hospital!

Could this be my last pregnancy update? I don't think so, he doesn't seem to want to make an appearance any time soon, but I'd LOVE to be wrong on this particular occasion ;)

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wardrobe Rehab

My Personal style at the moment is: whatever goes over my baby bump, I will wear.

After having this baby, I am plan on taking my Wardrobe to a day spa Rehab. 
I've added a few pieces here and there along the past few months, but seeing as I have been quite pregnant these past few wardrobe is looking very over-worn and stretched.

I plan to take a 6 step approach:

#1 The Cull or Charity Pile:
Remove everything that isn't well fitting anymore. This doesn't just mean too tight but also those items that I may have over worn and as a result have lost any flattering quality to them. These items will be thrown out or if still in good condition given to a charity.

This shirt has been culled already


As you can see, I've worn this singlet a few times throughout my's lost all original shape..culled

#2 My Style:  

Whether you love to rock animal print with black jeans and pumps or are more the neutral colour type gal, your style should reflect your personality. I'm a bit of a mish-mash when it comes to my own sense of style. I like to rock animal print with neutral coloured pants and a pair of ballet flats, and that's just me.

While I am making my cull or charity pile, I will be evaluating whether the clothes I have accepted as hand me downs/ on sale items/ can't remember how they ever got in my wardrobe pieces compliment my personality or not.

#3 The Essentials:  

Example; that little black dress. Ah, I have 4 black dresses in my closet, but they are all from my teenage days of going out and aren't what I would choose to re-wear (they will be culled.) I am after a classic LBD that compliments my shape now, my body's has changed after 2 pregnancies and I want to embrace it.

I've comprised a list of the wardrobe essentials that I don't want to skimp on quality, and those of which I can be very flexible with my budget. This makes it easier to know what budget I can work with.

Your style will very possibly change over the next few years, but having the essentials there to help keep you together until the next rehab visit is a big time/money and stress saver.

#4 Organizing:  

Whether you are a little OCD (guilty) and like to colour co-ordinate your closet or you just fold EVERYTHING and stick it in your drawers with the exception of 1-2 'good' items hung in the closet, a system of clothes organization will save you money and time.

It'll save you money by easily being able to see what items you already have, so you can avoid wasting your pennies on items you already have 5-10 of and start to invest in THAT item you've put aside in your head as being unattainable.

It'll also save you time by once again being able to easily see what is where and avoiding digging through piles of clothes only to find your desired item wrinkled and in need of a good iron.

#5 Knowing your colour:  

Pallet that is. This relates back to knowing your style. Whether your preference is nautical or neutral, your new wardrobe items will be based largely on this..if they're not, then you're just going back into the nasty cycle of spending money and time adding to your closet items that aren't going to compliment your personality or shape.

#6 Quality:  

With a blog name like Skinny Budget it's hopefully understandable that I am on..a Skinny Budget.
If I want something, I generally layby or save and pay for it in full (the exception being my car..but that's for a different post.)

When it comes to clothes I have always shopped at Kmart, Target or just the clearance areas at many big brand places...and my wardrobe quality has reflected a lot of that..not all of the items I bought on sale are of bad quality, but few and far between can I find a decent item that I've bought on the cheap that has stayed true to it's store bought shape after 5+ washes.

I have been extremely lucky on a few occasions and stumbled across clearance sales that have seen me pick up great quality items for a fraction of their original cost, items that I still have now, but I have also not been lucky with a lot of my cheaper alternative purchases and after only 2-3 washes they've lost all shape and elasticity.

To me, there are just some items that need more investment then others.

I hope you found this helpful, or at least a little insightful into how OCD my closet will be ;)

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 12, 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry the update is a day late everyone, I haven't had the baby! 
I've just been huffing and puffing around organizing some things and attending some appointments. 
Here's to another week behind us and not very more to go :)



Cutting my hair has given me enough 'boost' to get through the next 3.5 weeks .... I hope.

Weeks: From the 05th - 11/10/2012 was week 36 of pregnancy, and I have to say I am feeling very done with being a watermelon smuggler now. I am now almost entirely out of clothes and everything else that once fitted me. I just feel bleh at this point! I'm not sure if the warmer days are a contributing factor but I am ready to have a newborn already and feel human again.

Bump:  I expected to put on more... 'roundness' in these last few weeks, as I have been told that baby's organs are now functioning and quite capable of performing outside the womb however he is just putting on 'brown fat' at this point until birth. That being said though...I feel my body heard my GP wrong and has gone on a quest to get as much fat to the least desired areas of MY body as it can. I'm all for cute and cuddly, but getting myself up and down 3 sets of stairs every's not all the great.

Belly Button: Outtie power all the way! This may sound a little (or very) strange but I think I am going to miss being able to rub my belly button ha ha. 

Movement: Big movements! I appreciate he has restricted space now, but I still get startled and a little freaked out when I feel and see the whole side of my stomach looking like something from an alien movie. It's cute at the start...but now at the end, it's a little startling.

Stretch Marks: I'm noticing a lot of darkening of the existing marks, my poor skin is stretching every way and I think it's taking it's toll. I am still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula as I have for many, many months, I lather it on morning and night still but I think it may be a Placebo. 

Symptoms: I have a little list...
- Constant pressure on my bladder
- Aching back (not all that often, but standing up for too long doesn't help)
- Swollen hands & feet (only at night)
- Aching boobs
- Indigestion
-Lightening crotch: like baby's head is hitting a nerve
-Morning sickeness: I haven't actually been sick, but the nausea has returned
- On and off flu like symptoms: which are SOMETIMES a sign that labor isn't too far off
- Heartburn

Honestly maybe I'm just more of a whinger sensitive this pregnancy but I feel like there are so many more symptoms this time around. I never experienced any limb swelling with lily until the day before she was born.

Baby Buys: Nothing new this week. We have our bags packed, the car seat (not yet installed but we're doing it this weekend), the nursery is all set up ...I think we just need more cotton wraps and some bedding for his bassinet and that's it.

Cravings: Since I have still been battling Acid reflux and Indigestion this week (lucky me) I haven't really felt like anything in particular. I've had my lemonade phase, my olives and cheese phase but nothing very bizarre and I think at this point with less than 4 weeks to go...I may be in the clear...or have just jinxed myself.

Mood: I have been a very big stress ball this week, worrying about details I can't very well alter. We have a plan in place that will see one of my practically-family members coming to stay with us around a week before baby's due date to help out with Lily and just spend time with us, but I keep stressing out that if baby comes earlier/later (as they often do) than expected it won't all go to plan.

I wish I flick a switch in my brain and turn off the worrying side, and constantly be in my happy place surrounded by chocolate of absolute bliss.

Highlight of the week: Having the nursery set up! Luke finished work last Friday night, came straight home and surprised me by setting up all the nursery furniture that had only been delivered the day before. I thought we'd have it set up over the weekend but it was an awesome surprise to have it all done and then have the weekend to do my own prepping of the nursery (think cooing over little outfits and socks)

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY Layered Haircut

 I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a few weeks now, and I'd probably still be contemplating it's length if it wasn't for cutting it today ;)

It was more a trim really, although there was quite a bit of hair in the basin once I had finished ha ha. I just feel since it's Spring/Summer weather, I need my hair lighter but still manageable (no more bob haircuts for me.)

My hair scissors aren't nearly as sharp as I'd love them to be but they still managed my thick mane and I am really happy with the end result. I hope you can see even a little of the difference, since it's a trim it's not very OMG YOU GOT YOUR HAIRCUT! but I think doing it DIY it's always best to start with a longer length and see how you feel. I personally like my longer length :)

Here's what I used:


Leave-in Conditioner
Frizz treatment
Hair Brush
Hair clip
Scissors (preferably sharp hair scissors ;)

My layers were all but grown out, and weighed all my hair down. 
There was no volume in the top area due to the weight of my hair
The tips were orange, as I've been growing out my 'Ombre look' since last year.
It'd been a few months since my last trim, so I had some split ends going on a spree


I had to really extend my patience. I have thick hair and doing a lazy job on my hair really shows up.
I applied a small amount of leave-in conditioner to my tips and then in the general lengths
 I parted my hair down the middle to maintain even cuts on both sides
I started with my bottom layers, allowing me to see how long my hair would be at the end

I continually checked that both sides were even 
My belly took up a lot of room, which = it covered in hair by the end
I worked my way to the top of my head carefully, not rushing
I knew from the get go that I wanted LONG layers so I started from my jaw area and worked the scissors downwards
I separated my 'fringe' area and made sure to not cut too much away

I really enjoyed this DIY haircut. I felt really relaxed during it and most importantly I LOVE the end result :)

My hair feels so much lighter
It's so much easier to style thanks to the layers
My ends are so much softer (along with the rest of my hair)
It's still a manageable length :)

 I will try to record the next time I DIY trim/cut my hair, this time was more of a 'I had time so did it then' but I'd love to show you all exactly how I do it.

Would you/ have you ever cut/trimmed your own hair? Did it turn out okay? 

Let me know in the comments below :)

Until Next Time,


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