Monday, September 10, 2012

What's in my Bag

From next Monday onwards, I will be doing my 'Mummy Mondays' posts, which is pretty much just insight into the life of a SAHM (stay at home mummy), a BTS look into the often misjudged world of mummy-land. It'll be very honest, which I find can be very refreshing :)

I've seen quite a few 'what's in my bag' blog posts and even YouTube videos, and whilst I always thought it was a bit strange how we are fascinated by the contents of another persons handbag...I am still fascinated haha.

I thought I would do one on my current bag contents, then update it after I have the baby and see what is different (if anything). It's just for a bit of fun obviously :) I feel my handbag contents are a bit boring right now, usually I have a heavily packed bag, full of odds and ends but since I am already feeling heavy and exhausted carrying myself around, lately my handbag has been lighter then ever :)

Here's My Handbag:

Whilst my cousin Angela was visiting earlier this year, Luke and I took her to Melbourne City for her birthday. While we were there I got to go into an actual Guess shop and wouldn't you know it they were having a sale ;) Luke bought me this for Mothers Day :) I'm a lucky lady.

Here's My Bag Contents:

My Pink Guess Wallet (bought at Strand bags)
Pink Notebook (this is actually Lily's, she usually draws in it while I grocery shop)
A blue pen
A post card from my friend Nicole
My Hospital book from my midwifery clinic
My 2012 Day planner
A mini blue pen
My glasses case
My sunglasses (in my sunglasses case)
Luke's safety glasses
My Iphone 4S (not shown as I took the photo with it)
2x Beaded braclets
My dangly earrings
My Car keys
My spare car keys (unfortunate if I had locked my handbag in my car)
L'Oreal LipShine Lipstick
Baby/Toddler Roll-on Sunblock
My Ferro-F Iron Tablets
3x Panty Liners
Strawberry Lipgloss from the BodyShop (my favourite ever)
My watch (not the best place)
Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (LOVE this!)

Most people 'tag' other bloggers to do this sort of post after reading theirs, I don't really know too many bloggers so if you read my blog and have one of your own..consider yourself tagged? haha Like I said, it's just for fun :)

Until Next time,

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