Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag

I have seen this type of post on numerous pregnancy/ mummy type blogs/YouTube channels and while it's not every one's cup of tea, I found them very interesting and useful, so I thought I'd put my own up :)

Obviously it depends on where you live and the hospital you are going to, as to what you will need to bring with you. I am taking extras regardless, just so I feel more at ease with being prepared.

 I will be taking 2 bags (both compact in size); this one of course for baby, and one for labor/post-delivery. If you'd like me to do a what's in my hospital bag, just comment below :) 

The Bag:
It's a Babygear Weekender Nursery Bag that I actually purchased 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Lily.  It cost around $80-100 from Big W and while it may not seem as glamorous as some of the other bags out right now, it's the perfect baby bag (IMO) with all its different compartments, easy to clean material and its ability to fold flat down and be stored away :)

The front compartment is perfect for me to stash my:
- keys
- wallet
-Palmer's paw paw ointment
- phone
- and of course snacks

It also features two side (both insulated for bottles) compartments, each with meshing to hold your baby's feeding supplies in place, while keeping them perfectly insulated :)

Here's What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag 

Note: There are 3 items that I am taking that are not shown in this post, these are; 
- nail clippers
- going home outfit, and
- baby blanket (which we will be keeping in his car seat until he arrives)

The Toiletries:
 Curash Wet Wipes
30 Newborn size Huggies Nappies
Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream  
Palmer's Cocoa Ointment for Stretch Marks (I will be taking another one in my own bag)

The Basics:
5 Newborn Singlets (0000)
3 Short Sleeve Onesies
2 Terry Coveralls
2 Short Sleeve Rompers
 3 Spit Up Cloths
4 Bibs
2 Cotton Beanies
3pk Mittens
4 pairs of Newborns socks
3x cotton interlock wraps

Even when it's full of all baby's hospital items, its still easy for me to carry :)

Note: I don't get paid to rave about this bag, I just genuinely love it and would recommend it. I should also note this bag did come with a long shoulder strap but between last year and this year moving house and states...I seem to have lost it :(

I hope this was helpful to you or at the very least interesting :) remember if you want to see what I am packing in my hospital bag, just comment below and let me know :)

Until next time,

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