Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 34 Pregnancy Update

Note: Looks like I am sticking to my bathroom mirror shots that I am sure you've all become accustomed to. Luke and I just haven't been able to get timing right for him to take the photos instead

On my way to my Doctors Appointment (this is a maternity dress I bought from Target on clearance but I like it much better as a shirt)


I'm in love with Maxi-Dresses at the moment, although I need a belt to cinch the top or I run the risk of looking like a potato..true story.
Weeks: From the 21/09- 27/09 was week 34 of pregnancy.  I compiled a more detailed shopping list of what we still needed prior to baby arriving, and went about sourcing the best places to purchase said items. I really enjoy having the knowledge from my first pregnancy and knowing what items he wont need straight away and those that he will. We went last week to simply look at some of the products Ive been drooling over online, which makes me feel 100 times better about now purchasing them online.

Bump: I now have to sit miles (I may be exaggerating) away from any type of table/ bench surface as my bump just pokes into it, making it rather uncomfortable to eat breakfast in the morning. Also I am now down to wearing strictly maternity shirts/ pants (with the exception of my $5 Kmart elasticated waist jeans) as my bump has 'dropped' and also rounded itself quite largely within the last 2-3 weeks.

Weight gain:  My current weight is 67.2 kilos, with my pre-pregnancy weight at 52-53 I have put on an average of 14 kilos which my doctor seems really happy about :) Also my tummy is measuring at 35cms which is right on par with where I should be. All in all, in this department, we are doing fine.

Belly Button:  I can officially let you all know, it's now an outtie!! At first I thought it was popping out purely because I had just eaten (which it generally did) but the next morning I woke up still with an outtie so either my food has still not digested days later OR it's finally 'popped'. 


Movement:  Lots of movement again this week! I'm not sure if he is turning around but sometimes the movements have been quite uncomfortable, they've certainly come along way from being around the 17 week mark and feeling 'butterfly' movements.

Stretch Marks: I found two little marks on my left hip this week, I have had stretch marks in that area before which are now almost invisible white lines but you can see two little dark pink lines amongst them. Tiny like the size of a thumb nail. As I said to Luke, they are certainly nothing to complain about in the grand scheme of things.

Same symptoms as last week, however also a bonus of increased lack of breath which as my Doctor says, is to be expected when your lungs and other organs are now fighting for space with my uterus...yay.... I need to note that I have had to take off my engagement ring, as my left hand (and only my left hand) has been swelling up late at night and making it really uncomfortable to keep the ring on. This didn't happen with Lily, the only swelling I had was the day before I went into labor and my foot (just one) swelled up like a balloon...wasn't a fun time.

Baby Buys: We finalized our layby this week :) so all major furniture has been purchased, and is  now just needing to be delivered. I purchased them through a company called COTS4TOTS, all the reviews I have read have been really positive and once I receive the items I will do my own, honest review of them also.

I also purchased a Delivery Gownie from Due Soon this week, which unlike most sites that didn't ship direct to Australia, this is an Australian site :) and delivery was just $9. I have seen a few reviews on YouTube from overseas on personal delivery gowns (rather than the hospital ones) and they've all said it was a great comfort to have their own gown and it's a nice little pick-me-up.

Image from Due Soon Website

Cravings: I'm going to be boring and say no cravings this week. My appetite has gone down considerably, and I am back to eating regular small meals (how average of me I know). Since the weather is warming up lately, I have been wanting more fruit, but I am from the humid tropics so I have always loved fresh fruit...except Mangoes..I think I'm over Mangoes for 3-4 lifetimes.

Mood: Bit of a grumpy bum (yep, I admit that.) I think I am just at the point where I want to just be holding my son already, and the little gritty sides of needing to go to the bathroom every 3 minutes or just randomly feeling upset are getting rather...old. In saying that I think waking up to use the bathroom 3-4 times a night is life's way of getting me ready for my broken sleep ha!

Highlight of the week: Paying off the layby :) I felt so accomplished ha ha! I wanted to run into the streets and say: YEAH THAT'S RIGHT IT'S ALL PAID! Then avoid seeing the neighbors ever again. Also planning what could be our last shopping trip before baby arrives as a family of 3 has been exciting. We are all ready to meet the baby. Lily is beyond excited to hold ' the little chubba' and wants to teach him to walk (we've informed her she will have to wait a while, but I don't think she's listening)

It's scary to think that next month we could have our little baby :) very exciting times!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Hi, just ran into your blog on google. Was wondering how is the cots4tots furniture treating you? I just found their site this morning, seems too good to be true! After looking how expensive one cot gets. Would really appreciate your feedback

  2. Hi Ayesha. I thought the exact same about them being too good to be true when I stumbled upon them through a Google search, I read some positive reviews, and took the chance though. I bought the Walnut 3 piece package with a cot, change table and chest of drawers. My son is now 7 months old and I have had absolutely no dramas with anything in the package. My fiancé put it all together in an afternoon and nothing has chipped, fallen apart or come loose.

    It really is a beautiful set and the cot comes with teething protectors so baby won't be gnawing away at the wood.

    If I was pregnant tomorrow and needed to repurchase everything, I would definitely use them again :) They are a husband and wife team, and are lovely to communicate with :) And I just want you to know, I'm not affiliated at all with them, I'm just a mum who bought from there and was happy with everything

    Hope this helped :)


  3. Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it :)



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