Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 33 Pregnancy Update

Sorry everyone for the no-photo post :( I didn't get any good photos this week so I will be posting some extra ones in Week 34's post x

Weeks: From the 14/09- 20/09 was week 33 of pregnancy.  This week I found a new doctor (as we've just moved states) and I've also been registered with a hospital which is very exciting! It feels like such a HUGE weight has lifted and it's not something I have to fret about getting organized anymore :) YAY!

Bump: Whilst unpacking our bedroom and going through my closet, I really have noticed just how many clothes I have to put away in my 'post-pregnancy' pile now. I have a few trusty singlets that are still long enough at this point to cover my bump, however they are becoming scarce in numbers ha ha

Weight gain:  I'm not sure of my weight this week sadly. My belly is measuring perfectly on track and my weight (as of last week) was also right on track so for that I am really happy :) I really tried to take away what I learnt from pregnancy #1 and apply it to pregnancy #2 such as smaller/frequent meals, and avoiding too much sugar in my snacks, I've noticed if anything my skin has appreciated the extra care :)

Belly Button:  Still hasn't quite 'popped' out. 

Movement:  Tons and tons! Luke and I were watching a movie and all of a sudden baby started kicking into my ribs which started off feeling awkward, but after 10+ kicks I almost cried, it was so uncomfortable :( His movement to me, is a lot stronger than what I felt when pregnant with Lily.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report. Still using Cocoa Butter Formula in the Fragrance Free/ Sensitive Skin pump bottle.

Braxton Hicks contractions
Heart burn: Not nearly as horrible as last week thank gosh!
Major Baby Brain: Still feeling clumsy and forgetful

Baby Buys: We went out for lunch and checked out one of our local shopping centers, lo and behold we found a Kmart and I found the baby section ha ha. We bought him some cotton baby hats in a 2 pack and a 3 pack of baby mittens (also cotton). I have compiled a list of things I need to buy before he arrives so that I don't stock up on something I already have tons of at home etc. Very handy!

Cravings: I had the most random craving ever this week. I don't drink alcohol at all (even non-pregnant I rarely drink) but I felt like beer and potato wedges. I hate beer, always have, but I felt like some beer and crispy potato wedges ha ha. Apart from that random craving (which NO I didn't drink any beer) I haven't had any others this week.

Mood: Up and down this week. I read that it's normal to feel like your deep in the dumps or high as a kite this week (or both at the same time) with your emotions, and I have been feeling this whole week. I think the whole move, and unpacking etc. has really put my neat/ tidy persona into a spin, add to that my 'nesting' symptom from pregnancy and you have a bit of a moody lady

Highlight of the week:  I'd definitely say it would be having organized a new doctor and being registered at the hospital, I just feel like that's a major list ticker that I don't have to stress about. Especially being so close to my due date now, it was a big thing for me to want to get organized.

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