Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 32 Pregnancy Update

 First of all I want to apologize for the bump shot photos being taken in my bathroom (although it's technically my new bathroom so..think of it as a room tour :)) I had organized with Luke to have him take them, but with moving and having dramas with our removal company..I decided this would be my last week of bathroom pictures. I promise x

Impromptu photo sesh with the Lilster

Weeks: From the 07/09- 13/09 was week 32 of pregnancy.  This week has been all about unpacking, and my inability to move as quickly or swiftly as I have been able to until now, so I have spent most of the week organizing and compiling our ever mounting to-do list (oh the joys) and delegating what goes where in our new house (which hasn't been so bad ;)

Bump: I had such a big change last week with the size of my bump, I was a little terrified it would continue each week from here until labor to get even larger..however this has not been the case for this week :) Phew! The bump seems to be relatively the same size this week, although I do find now that since baby is getting heavier I am unable to stand up for as long without getting exhausted

Weight gain:  I currently weigh 65.2 kilos. I've had really horrible heartburn this week which has really put my appetite off and brought with it a little nausea (all normal I am told) I've read that heartburn and indigestion can increase in week 33...which is NOT something I wanted to know :(

Belly Button:  It's still not a complete outtie (although last week it seemed to be) though after every meal, or even sometimes the way I am sitting, you would swear that is was now an outtie.

Stretch Marks: None new (I made Luke check and promise to tell me if there was) ha ha. I have been trying until now to check the status of underneath my belly via my phones camera..yep..
All I have seen though is my existing ones looking a light purple colour, so from as far as I know/ have been told...still no new ones to report. I had to buy a new bottle of my Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, this one is in a pump bottle which is a lot more handy to have on my bathroom counter.

Thanks to the warmer weather/pregnancy hormones, I needed to buy a new roll-on, I LOOVVEE the smell of this!

Symptoms: I had a few this week...
Braxton Hicks contractions
Heart burn: I'm not trying to over dramatize heart burn or anything, but this was INTENSE! I found milk helped a lot, but it didn't take the burning sensation away for very long :(
Sore Tailbone/ lower back pain :( this only happened once while we were out getting some groceries, and I have to say, I really really feel for those pregnant women out there who experience this pain all through their pregnancy.
Major Baby Brain: I had a freak out thinking I'd lost my mobile, Luke searched the house for it...turns out I was sitting on it... brain connectivity..FAIL

Baby Buys: Nothing really to mention, although I did purchase the latest Cosmopolitan Pregnancy magazine, and haven't been able to put it down. It's full of really nifty ideas and lists to help me compile my hospital bags, which I am hoping to have complete by week 34-36.

Cravings: I had a constant yearning for Lemonade this week. Luke got me a whole big bottle, and I think it has really cleared that craving up :) Surprisingly the lemonade didn't make my heartburn worse (nor did it make it better though.) As I mentioned last week, I LOVE eating fruit (which I have always done) so lately I have been making more of an effort to incorporate it into my diet, which has been even easier since my favorite fruit of all; strawberries, have been on sale at Coles all week :) woo!

Maternity Clothes: I've spent everyday of this week unpacking at home so I haven't been able to buy some much needed maternity bras. I was doing my weekly blog reading this week however and came across a much recommended maternity/sports bra that can be purchased online. I am yet to check them out but hopefully when you're reading my week 33 pregnancy update post, you will find that I have indeed purchased some...more...'accommodating' bras

Mood: Content now that we are in our new house! However, I have been feeling a little anxious about all of baby's things coming together, especially since the weeks just seem to be going quicker and quicker. Luke's very reassuring but I think I am just in that nesting stage where I want it all organized, neat and done already.

Highlight of the week: Definitely being in our new home (complete with our furniture...finally)  It's so much bigger than our old house, and although it has stairs...which I obviously need to work on my fitness ha ha I am really happy with it. Also at my doctors appointment this week, I got to hear baby's heartbeat (we weren't able to get a weekend appointment so Luke was at work :( its always music to my ears however hearing baby's little heart :)

Until Next Time,

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