Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 31 Pregnancy Update

Yes, these photos were taken in the bathroom/toilet area as it was the only mirror available in the guest house we were staying at ha ha.

 Nice shot of a toilet paper roll ;)

 Can you see my toes? Because I can't most days

Weeks: From the 31/08- 06/09 was week 31 of pregnancy.  I am in love with this week! It's been crazy at times, hectic with us moving to a completely new state (I will do a post on this next week), but overall it has been spent with Luke, Lily and our Shenny so it's been a good week :)

Bump: Bump. Growth. Explosion! Oh my goodness!! I'm so grateful that I did end up buying maternity tops and pants, as these are really all I can wear at this point. I had someone ask Luke the other day if I was actually carrying twins, I am fairly certain I'm not, but some days it feels like there are 3 babies in there ha ha.

Weight gain: I weighed myself on Fathers day and I was 64.5 kilos. My weight has definitely been fluctuating more now, then it ever did with pregnancy #1. Some weeks I eat better than others of course, but everyday I am looking after a very energetic 3 year old and a puppy so they keep me fit:) 

Belly Button:  It's almost been a 'complete' outtie for a few weeks now, but just in the last two weeks it hasn't sunken back into it's usual position of being an innie. I give it another 2 weeks before its completely 'popped' out.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to mention. As I said last week, I have been noticing some changes in my existing marks but no new ones at this point. I am still applying Palmer's Cocoa Body Butter every morning and night which I think has truly helped in keeping my skin soft and even toning down my existing marks a little.

Symptoms: I am still experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions and on Wednesday (5th September) I did have a bloody nose, which I looked up and it's perfectly normal..phew! Apart from that, I haven't been experiencing any acid reflux or indigestion this week :) I do have an increased need to pee every 2 minutes thanks to all the pressure on my bladder, sorry if TMI but that's what's happening

Cravings: I don't really class it as a craving, as I've always loved fresh fruit and veggies, but lately I can't seem to get enough of fruit! I asked Luke to pick up some apples and bananas, as that's really all I want first thing in the morning, a fresh bowl of fruit and yogurt. I'm no longer craving chocolate as much as I was (thank goodness!) I still enjoy eating it, but it's not something I feel I NEED everyday.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new. I don't think I will be purchasing anything else at this point, with only 6-9 weeks left, I am hoping the maternity tops and pants that I've invested in will last the distance.  I do however want to purchase some maternity bras, and maybe even some sports bras for post-pregnancy support.

Mood:  Happy :) Our new house is near the beach and a decent sized playground (perfect for energetic toddlers) so whilst getting to know the area, we have been able to enjoy some quality family of 3 time before baby arrives. Lily also starts Kindy (or pre-prep) next year so it's nice to just soak in these moments now, before our new, exciting and big changes occur.

Highlight of the week: Being able to spend Fathers Day with Luke :) We weren't sure if we would be moving after or before that date so everything was a bit in the air until a few days before Fathers Day. The look on Lily's face when she saw her daddy was heart melting, and the look on Luke's face when he saw how big my belly had gotten was priceless. Definitely the weeks highlight :)

Week 32 Officially starts today :) I will be doing an OOTD '7 months pregnant style' post tomorrow on the look I am wearing in the very first few photos on this post. I will be doing a few more OOTD posts if you like this one, with my other pregnancy-friendly clothes once I am able to access them :)

Until Next Time,

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