Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Insta-Week #1

I'm sure you've all heard/ used Instagram and it's definitely not something new to do a picture heavy post using Instagram snaps, but I wanted to recap my week with you all via doing just that. A week in my life through the Instagram lenses :)

The joys of moving :)
Fathers Day :) Lily of course pulling a humerus face and looking away when told to smile

This is at the local park, just down the road from our new house.
I worked on a 'What's in my Bag' post and discovered that my handbag is pretty empty.
Shen has been loving the warmer weather :)
We have a tradition of doing funny pictures every month, it started the first day I got him haha.
Week 31 of Pregnancy is done and dusted :)
I officially entered week 32 of pregnancy :)
The two little mischief makers
Okay so I know the post is called Insta-Week and I know a few of these were taking during the one day, but apart from a house full of boxes or a very long car trip we didn't really get a chance to photograph much else.

Until Next Time,

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