Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Accessories Organiser

After putting all my groceries away, I was left with about 10x plastic bags and 1x empty egg carton. I reuse the bags so I promptly put them away, however I haven't reused an egg carton since I was in Kindergarten and made a rainbow caterpillar at craft time.

I then remembered I needed a good way of storing my jewellery ever since I discarded my raggedy old jewellery box last year. This is what I came up with:

Things You will need:
1x egg carton
Fabric (I used an old T-Shirt)
Stapler (You can use a glue gun/ double sided tape)
Double Sided Tape
Ribbon (I used 2 types)

Here's what to do:
- Firstly I cut out the amount of fabric I needed to cover the egg carton. Since I used an old shirt for this, I really didn't consider before hand how much material I would need, so if you wanted to purchase material for this particular project, just make sure you have enough for the entire egg carton.

- I then stapled the fabric all the way around the egg carton, I would suggest using durable double sided tape or a glue gun instead (just be careful though) as depending on the type/ colour of your fabric, the staples may show up too much.

- I then went ahead and lined the outside edging of my fabric (that is now stapled to the egg carton) with ribbon to conceal where I had made the cuts to the fabric. This step also allows you to personalize the egg carton further, you don't have to use fabric, it can be wool/ felt etc.

Extra Dazzle:
- I didn't do this step but it wouldn't take much more effort or time to do: Using a needle and thread, why not sew some sequins/ buttons or beads into the middle of each egg holder for a little extra dazzle.

The great thing about using double sided tape for me was that I decided right at the end, I wasn't happy with the placement of the blue ribbon I'd chosen so I simply removed it, and placed it on the outer edging of the carton, just underneath the white ribbon. Remember it's YOUR DIY Project, so make sure YOU are happy with how it looks :)

For the full video and how to, click here.

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