Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken Schnitzel: Tasty Thursday

YUM! I grew up eating Chicken Schnitzel and since it's a super easy an affordable thing to whip up, I thought it belonged on this blog for you all to try :)

Here's what you'll need:

2x large chicken breasts
1x cup of plain flour (optional to season with salt and pepper)
1x egg (whisked) with 1 tbsp of water
2x cups of dry bread crumbs
500 ml Vegetable Oil (you may prefer sunflower, canola etc.)


Placing the chicken breast on your chopping board, use a sharp knife and slice evenly through the chicken breast to create (obviously depending on the thickness of the breast) 2 or more slices of chicken.

It is preferable for cooking time that the slices of chicken be even in thickness. To achieve this you can use (should you have one) a meat mallet or if you don't have one of these, something that will give you a similar result (I used the back of my potato masher...using the ol' initiative ;)

I then use 2 dinner plates: 1 for plain flour and 1 for bread crumbs, I also use a bowl for the egg mix.

The trick to not having both of your hands covered in crumbs and egg mix is to simply use one hand (audience gasp!) Dip your chicken slice lightly into the flour first, shaking off any excess very gently. 

Next dip the same slice into your egg mixture, again shaking off any excess, before lastly dipping into the bread crumbs. 

Using the hand you haven't been dipping in flour and egg, help sprinkle breadcrumbs into the little crevices of the chicken to make sure it is completely covered.

Do this with all your chicken slices. Then proceed to heat a deep frying pan with oil, and depending on the width of the pan, cook one or two schnitzels at a time. Turning them over, only once you can see the underside has become golden brown.

Whether I am cooking Schnitzel, Battered Fish or Banana Fritters, anything that heavily uses oil in it I prefer to drain before serving. Line a plate with paper towel, in order to drain any excess oil. This can be done before you place the very first slice of Schnitzel into the pan, so you have it all ready for all Schnitzel slices. 

Serving Suggestion:

Schnitzel goes perfectly with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, boiled potatoes and vegetables. However if you're more of a mash potato person or even a pasta lover, feel free to have them as your side choices. 

Very Simple Serving Suggestion :)

Schnitzel is very simple to make, very easy to eat as it's so delicious and very light on the food budget as it's cost effective. There's nothing like left over Schnitzel on a sandwich with some tomato sauce...Yummy!

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried this or are going to :) I'd love any feedback.

Until Next time,

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