Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5 Minute (or less) Makeup

This has been my 'go-to' 5 minute look for as long as I can remember wearing makeup, it's great for morning or night and it doesn't matter what your skin tone is, as you can personalize the look to suit you.

Last night I had such an average sleep, I woke up feeling like I needed a little 'boost' of confidence to get through the day. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you my 5 Minute (or less) Makeup Look in just 8 easy peasy- steps :)

Step 1/ Skincare: 

I always start by washing my face to help me feel/ look a little more awake. Then here's what I apply:

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (No Fragrance/Sensitive Skin)

Lapurete: Okuru Protective Day Creme with UVA Defenses

Garnier Skin Naturals: Youthful Radiance Day Cream

Garnier Roll-on for Eyes

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Hint: You can skip this step if you are very short on time (honestly though this step doesn't take very long at all) I highly suggest you try and put some sort of UV defense cream on, especially if you're going to be in the sun. 

I know this may seem like I am using a lot of cream on my face, and honestly at first I thought I was too but I sort of stumbled onto layering them and my skin has felt ah-mazing ever since :)

Step 2/ Concealer/Pressed Powder: 

After I have finished my Skincare Regime, I apply a light weight foundation as I would a concealer (only to the red spots/blemish areas) on my face, I 'set' this with a pressed powder on:
- top of cheek area,
- t-zone
- around nose area
-underneath chin

 You can do this step using your fingertips or a concealer brush (I use my fingertips.) The powder helps keep your foundation/concealer in place and can even act as an eyeshadow if you want to skip that step.

 I used Starlet Natural Coverage Cream Makeup for this particular look, but I am not overly happy with the quality of this product and only ever use it as a light concealer.

Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder (105 Ivory)

Step 3/ Minor Details

 Something like filling your brows in/plucking a random hair or three, can make a huge impact and it doesn't take more than a minute to do.  I always follow my natural brow shape to avoid looking odd, you want to enhance what you already have, not give yourself caterpillars for eyebrows

I used:
- MAC Eyebrow brush
-MAC angled brush 
- My trusty pink tweezers (I think I bought this baby from Coles)
- Coral Colours in Mallee Gold Trio (I used the dark brown)

 Step 4/ Contouring   

To avoid looking washed out and more human like rather than a cartoon, I like to add colour to my face, whether it be with blush and/ or contouring.

Blue Blush Brush (I can't remember where I got this from)
MAC Cheek brush (Which, as you can see, has been through the wars)

I contour my face using:
Revlon ColorStay (in Medium Deep). This colour is too dark if I was to use it as a full coverage but it works perfectly with my skin tone as a contour. I make a fish face and apply it to the sunken parts of my cheeks (it may sound strange but it works) as well as my hairline on my forehead for added depth to my face

 Step 5/ Blush 

 I then lightly sweep BYS Blusher (in Coral) across my cheek bone area for a finishing touch. I avoid applying too much as it can easily go from looking a lovely, rosy pink colour to a very..bright unattractive look. 

 Step 6/ Eyes; Eyeshadow  

(Sorry for the flash in this photo, was NOT expecting it myself ha ha) I am very much a natural look kind of gal when it comes to daytime eyeshadow, I like to keep it simple with a skin tone shade or play up my eye colour (green/hazel) with some silvers.

Here's what I used:
Rosy Pink Eyeshadow on the base of my lids
Silver Eyeshadow along the crease
Light/Very pale tone of pink on upper eye area

 Step 7/ Eyes; Mascara/Eyeliner  

For added 'BANG' on my lashes, I applied my mascara whilst my eyes were closed, then re-applied it while they were open, this gives you the appearance of someone who has very long/luscious lashes/ a great lash curler ;) I also used a black eyeliner pencil along my waterline to give my green/hazel eyes more emphasis.

Rimmel London Jet Black Eyeliner
LashArchitect4D by L'Oreal (also in Black) 


Step 8/ Finish Touches:  

I wear glasses full time, hence why I like to emphasis my eyes a lot :) I keep everything else toned down, and rarely wear lipstick, preferring a more pink/clear lip gloss instead. Most days I only wear my Lucas' Pawpaw ointment, however to put a bit more colour into my day I apply over the top of that my SheerCover lip gloss.


 On this particular day I straightened my hair (after almost 2 weeks I could finally unpack my GHD :) but this 5 minute look can work with ponytails, ballet buns, scrunchy curls etc.

It is possible to put a little makeup on, and feel a huge difference. I wanted to show you, my go-to look and that it really is a cinch to do. The products I used in this post are just the ones I currently have, not necessarily what I would recommend. I am hinting at getting some new makeup very soon though :)

What are your thoughts on this look? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until Next Time,

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