Thursday, August 30, 2012

We're Moving!

*drum roll* We are moving to a new state and of course a new house!! This means big changes for not only our family but also this blog is having a shake up! Check below, for what will be new.

The move means a few things for this blog:

1. I will no longer have to take photos of myself using my bathroom mirror as Luke will be on hand to help with photos. This has been the number 1 reason why I haven't done, outfit of the day type posts etc. It's just been too tricky only having the bathroom mirror.

2. This blog will be getting updated more regularly since I will have more time (once settled) to fill you all in on how I am going rocking the Skinny Budget. I will be able to continue doing once again, honest reviews of quality products that are affordable (actually affordable not blow-budget 'affordable') and I hope I can help with any questions you may have on certain products.


I always love seeing how other mummys/ young women style themselves for certain occasions or even just when I need some inspiration in my wardrobe. So I will be doing outfit posts of my own :)

Budget Hauls will be a regular

Is there anything you'd love to see on the blog in particular? I do miss doing my recipe posts :( the majority of my kitchenware is packed in boxes at the moment but I will be doing post-pregnancy healthy foods/ naughty nibbles and all that great recipe stuff once I am able to.

 I have so many simple, affordable and a healthy-alternative recipes to share with you :)
I am also staying true to myself and since I like to be artsy/crafty will continue to pop in my nail art tutorials. If you have something in particular you'd like me to attempt just comment below :)
Remember you are able to follow my blog if you wish (no pressure) it just makes it easier if you like to read it and I sometimes don't post of Facebook or Twitter that I have updated it. If you have any trouble commenting, feel free to let me know either via Facebook or you could do so on Twitter, the link is in the tabs above :)

Until Next Time,

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  1. definitely wanting more recipe posts, have missed them!



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