Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 30 Pregnancy Update



Weeks: From the 24/08- 30/08 was week 30 of pregnancy.  This week has been something different every day. One day I will feel like I have just about all my energy back, but the next day I've lost that energy and just want to have a big nap. It's crazy to think that between 7-10 weeks from now we could have our son here with us :)

Bump: I've mentioned a few times on my blog how different the position of this baby is compared to that of how I 'carried' Lily. The shape of my stomach is although much the same roundness, the weight is very much felt in one area, rather than with Lily I felt the weight was more evenly distributed. I am quite sure there are belly supports that you can buy and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about buying one. I feel so off balance with baby being so low.

Weight gain: We are moving (starting off with my excuse sorry) so I haven't made a huge effort to weigh myself this week either :( At the moment I feel around 65-66 kilos, I know I can't be certain on that, but I've never actually owned my own scales (I've always used either my mums or the doctors if needed) but I feel confident I am around this point.
Stretch Marks: I have 'spoken' about this a few times on my blog. I was one of the 90% of women who get stretch marks. During my first pregnancy, I didn't get a single stretch mark until week 38 of my pregnancy and honestly, I was a bit upset at first, as I thought I'd gone so long without getting them that they wouldn't happen to me.
I have been worried about the effects this pregnancy would have on my existing stretch marks, and it has been during this last week that I noticed my existing stretch marks have been slightly affected. They are changing in colour from a somewhat silver to a darker purple and a few have even lengthened/ widened in size on my thigh. I will continue to ridiculously lather my skin in cream regardless, because in all honestly my skin is silky soft now and I honestly feel that I would have many more stretch marks if I hadn't been using my cream :)
Symptoms: I still have acid reflux and indigestion :(  both of which, seem to occur late at night. I wonder if our son will come out with a full head of hair like his sister. Along with still having Insomnia, I am also experiencing Braxton Hicks constantly, though not painful, they can still be quite uncomfortable to deal with ever since my belly became quite round.
Cravings: Carrots!! Bit random, but glad it's not something very odd. I noticed a few nights of this week, whilst struggling to feel tired enough to actually sleep that all I wanted was some carrots. After a while, making the carrots into carrot sticks became too time consuming for my pregnancy hunger so I resorted to just washing the carrots whole and munching them down. Yummo!
Maternity Clothes: No new purchases. I am now living in my maternity wear. I managed to pack our main bedroom this week and noticed the clothes that I am ABLE to fit into now, compared to all my clothes in general is quite..small. So I've been attempting to recycle (to the best of my ability) my available 'looks' to avoid feeling in a rut, on top of feeling large.

Mood:  When the sun is shining and warm (very, very rare the past few months) I feel amazing! I feel upbeat and really positive, which is a great thing to feel when you're in the last trimester of pregnancy. Since we are moving shortly, and things are looking up and up I have been feeling less anxious and more...excited :)
Highlight of the week: This isn't pregnancy related but I am so proud of Lily!! Lily and I love to pass some of the longer days away with doing crafts and practising her writing. She's only 3 years old, but she LOVES to learn new things, whether they are words, meanings of words or how to write new words. As fathers day is coming up and she is that little bit older, I thought it'd be special if she was involved with her daddy's present and card.

We made our own gift wrapping by having her draw lot of pictures on large sheets of paper, then we used that paper to wrap the gift. Next we sat and practised for 10 minutes (she is a toddler and does get bored) her letters: H-A-P-P-Y F-A-T-H-E-R-S D-A-Y before having her write in the card and on the envelope. She was SO excited!

I love our special mummy and daughter time :) and I can't wait until Lily meets her little brother x

Do you think I will last until Week 40? Or will I 'pop' earlier?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below xx
Until Next Time,


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  1. Hi Natasha,I just LOVE your blog and all of these WONDERFUL maternity pics!!!As far as your lasting until week 40,well,I don't know.However,this I do know.You have one of the most AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL pregnant bellies I've ever seen!!!That bare belly pic above is my favorite and you have like a TOTALLY COOL looking bellybutton.I was just wondering,did you make it to week 40?



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