Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 29 Pregnancy Update

When I look at the photos on my blog of my belly, I always feel so much larger than that of what is shown, I think a lot of pregnant women would feel the same. According to all 7 of my IPhone Apps (I don't know why I have that many) I am now in the 'grin & bear it' stage of pregnancy, which I like to translate as: the ' almost at the finish line' stage of pregnancy :)

Weeks: From the 17/08- 23/08 marked the start and end of my 29th week of pregnancy. I'm a little weird about odd numbers (I don't like them very much) so I will be quite happy to be 30 weeks ha ha. I know I'm probably very strange.

Bump: I feel that baby has dropped this week, even Luke noted my bump looks a lot lower, so I think it may be the case of baby dropping down into head first position. I feel a lot more comfortable and at ease with shirts that support the weight of my bump at the bottom, it helps me to stay mobile without feeling like I am about to topple over from the feeling of heaviness.

Weight gain: I didn't get a chance to weigh myself this week so I'll have to update you all next week sorry.

Baby bump at 19 weeks and now at 29 weeks :)

Symptoms: Heart burn (which is accompanied by a horrid acidic taste in my throat) has been happening late at night :( On a plus though, I've noticed my hair is looking a lot healthier and shiny. One thing I still haven't gotten yet is the dark line on my stomach, which I had fairly early on in my pregnancy with Lily. I keep expecting to see it there but so far, just a big pale belly is staring back.

Cravings: I have gone off meat lately, I am loving my fruit and vegetables a lot which really isn't anything new but my want for meat has decreased. One thing I do crave is olives. I love olives!!
Maternity Clothes: I'm happy to write, that after 2 weeks of moaning and groaning about having only a handful of tops that fit past my belly (and stay there all day) I decided to go the shops this week and have a good look at the maternity sections in stores, I was pleasantly surprised in Target as they were having a 'below cost' sale on maternity wear.

Here's what I picked up and why:

                                                      Ladies Grey Singlet $12.00              

This singlet goes all the way to mid thighs so it'll definitely cover my belly (hopefully until baby is born). The Blue maternity t-shirt was reduced purely on the colour that it is, the black & white versions of it were still priced at $20 so I was very happy. It has a breast feeding friendly compartment around the boob section so it'll be great post-pregnancy also

  Ladies Maternity T-Shirt $4.83

Below is a picture of me wearing the top (it's a better example of the actual colour)

(The top isn't stained, my mirror had a smudge on it ha ha)
                         Maternity Shorts $9.83                            Maternity Dress $10.83
The red dress was marked down as it had a little stain on the stomach area which was removed after one wash with stain remover. I was a little hesitant to buy shorts since we are still experiencing horrible cold weather here, but as it's nearing spring I thought they'd be a good investment.

Blue Animal Print Flats $6.83 (were originally $30!)
Baby Buys: I resisted my many, many urges to buy things for baby this week. Instead I just put more money on our layby. This doesn't relate to actually buying anything but I managed to wash all the clothing we have already for baby, so they are all ready to go into his nursery for him to wear.
Stretch Marks: None new to report, although the existing ones I have on my thigh seem darker so I would assume they are being affected by my changing shape and possibly getting wider or longer in size. I have been keeping up my usual routine and haven't missed a day yet.
Sleep Status: I am still finding myself going to sleep at 12:00-12:30 a.m. I am also finding lately that I have been craving sugar a lot more, which at the start of the pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with. I limit my sugar intake at night time so it doesn't contribute to my insomnia, I think once Luke is home a lot more, just having that company will hopefully kick my body clock back to normal.

I always love these shots of Lily, the bump and I

Mood:  Now that I feel we are getting more organized, I am starting to relax. With only 11 weeks to go (until the 40 week mark anyway) I assumed early in the pregnancy we would have the nursery all set, but as we may be moving very shortly we are holding off until afterwards.

Highlight of the week: I decided that this time around I am going to write out my birth plan, as last time I just verbally communicated it, but kept forgetting during labor if I had communicated certain things. I prefer to call it a birth 'preference' as you can imagine, labor doesn't always end the way it started or was expected to, so this way, everything is there in writing for a reference.  

Lily has been very involved in looking after my belly, she loves to read her little brother stories, sing to him and give him A LOT of attention.
Until Next Time,


  1. Awww the picture of lily, you and the belly is gorgeous :)

    1. Thank You :) she pulls the funniest faces in the mirror



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