Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

I've had quite a few family and friends tell me they're not able to comment on my blog, so after a few moments pretending I knew what I was doing, I actually managed to change a setting on here, so hopefully now you can all comment if you wish to :)

Weeks: 28 weeks pregnant as of 10/08 - 16/08. I remember being around 21-22 weeks pregnant and wanting to pack my hospital bags because it seemed everyone who was weeks ahead of me was up to that point, and I'm not going to lie, I love organising things so packing and organising a hospital bag is exciting for me when it's to do with a baby...that may be sad but I feel this is a safe place.


Heavy and very out there! I am constantly underestimating how much my belly pokes out, whether it be choosing tops to wear that I should have stored away weeks ago or knocking into a chair because I didn't judge the distance between itself and my belly correctly...I am constantly banging things down with my stomach or worse...exposing my belly via singlets that seem spring loaded and intent on NOT staying UNDER my belly!!

I do have lonnnngggg just seems my belly is made of satin at this point and no shirt wants to keep it covered. We get it belly, you want to show the world, but sadly for you, I don't appreciate your antics on baring my bump to the town folk.

I always do my belly shots in the bathroom as I don't have my Husband 2B Luke on standby to take the shots for me, this has led to my 3 year old munchkin Lily watching me take my 'belly pictures' for the last few months, and alas she has come to the point of wanting me to take HER belly pictures.

She's very much in awe of the 'baby' and thinks my now 'outtie' belly button is actually the baby peeking at her. She constantly is asking if she can kiss my belly and talk to him, I am sure he will recognise her voice straight away haha, she also loves to sing him songs that she invents about dinosaurs.

Weight gain:


I'm around the 63 kilo mark now (65 after I have eaten)..I find it highly amusing that after a meal I go up two kilos on the scales, I am not at all stressed about my weight gain, as it is, being pregnant and chasing after my 3 year old keeps me very active. I'm sure the offer Lily made me still stands where I can go to the gym and she will happily look after her brother...even though she did offer when I hadn't even dropped the word gym into a conversation..and I was eating candy at the time.

Symptoms: Heartburn has reared itself again..we don't like you heartburn..GO AWAY! If the wives tale is true about a pregnant woman having a lot of heart burn leads to a baby with a head of hair...this baby is going to have a ponytail of hair on arrival. I am also noticing more Braxton Hicks, I like that they're not painful, but when you feel your belly harden at random does tend to feel very awkward.

Cravings: The past week and a half has had me craving 'clean' food, such as fresh fruit and veg with no added salt etc. I'm also very much into Crusketts at the moment with Avocado spread and asparagus spears on top, I would eat these pre-pregnancy but they're not something I craved at all.
Maternity Clothes: My bump is sitting completely different to how it was with Lily so I was not prepared for how far outwards it would poke, compared with Lily who was more evenly spaced. I have been browsing the maternity bra areas of shops a lot more now as I think I need new bras and tops, I have about 3-5 tops that fit past my bump comfortably.

Baby Buys: I bought 2 little bodysuits from Kmart for $4.50 each. I know our son will probably receive plenty of clothes from our family & friends, but I am such a sucker for the baby area of any shop I always seem to buy at least one thing. I've begun a list of things he has and needs and sorted them into 3 age groups: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months so I avoid stoking up on one age group too much.

Stretch Marks: I understand after reading and hearing it my whole pregnancy, that no matter your efforts, some women are simply more susceptible to getting stretch marks then others. This doesn't mean I'm just going to stop treating my skin however, and trying to prevent further stretch marks...whatever the outcome, I am still using Palmers Cocoa Butter as I will post-baby also :)

Sleep Status: I honestly don't remember a time now, when I went to bed by 10:30 p.m and just fell asleep. My insomnia has really plagued me these last few weeks/ months and no matter what plan of attack I put in place to combat just doesn't seem to work. Hopefully at my next doctors appointment we can work on this.
Mood: I was watching a random movie where a man suddenly got shot and his daughter was understandably of course...I start crying, not like oh that's sad...but as if I had known the man for years type of crying..I stopped after 10 minutes and AM a bit of a sook right now. I'd rather laugh at myself doing that, then start crying ....again.  

Highlight of the week: I think the biggest highlight of all is that I am now in the third trimester with only 12 weeks to go (maybe less.) Things are just starting to fall in place (with a little perseverance on our part) and I just feel like very soon I will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that we have everything we need immediately for baby as well as it just all being there to look at and coo over until we have him here to do that to.

There you have it, week 28 in a very large nutshell :) I am sorry that the brunt of this blog lately has been pregnancy related as I did state I would still be doing my other posts, but lately my life has been pretty much about being pregnant haha so we will see what I can do :)

Until Next Time,


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