Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 27 Pregnancy Update

The third trimester has almost begun! This week was full of powerful kicks and jabs from baby, I swear if he is even half as active outside the womb as he is in...I'm going to be the fittest mum in town trying to keep up with him.   

Weeks: 27 weeks (03/08 - 09/08) I have been taking my Iron supplement tablets for a few days now and I have noticed a slight increase in my energy levels already :)  Without burning myself out, I have been attempting to get back on top of a few things that have taken a back burner and things are looking up.

Woah, Baby!! Such strong kicks and movement this week. I read that the amniotic fluid has decreased, hence why I am feeling a whole lot more movement now. I have gotten so used to his little hiccups and jabs that it's really more a comfort knowing his active and moving about, however lately there has been a few powerful jabs that have taken me by surprise and left me hurting a bit.

It feels as round as it looks, as you can see my belly button is becoming an outtie

This is my struggle with wearing most non-maternity shirts haha, my belly 'peeks' out at people so I layer, layer and more layer!

Weight gain: If I weigh myself after a large meal I am 64 kilos, otherwise prior to eating in the mornings I am 62 kilos. I found a note in my day planner from January which had my pre-pregnancy weight averaged at 52 kilos, so I would average my total weight gain to be 10-10.5 kilos so far.

Symptoms: Braxton hicks are still about, I'm very thankful they aren't painful as I have had them for a few weeks now. This isn't so much a symptom as a craving but I've been craving apples and salami so I finally caved and got a small stick of salami, I didn't get any heartburn afterwards and it was very yum!! 

Maternity Clothes: I'm now wearing only my maternity pants, however I am not happy with my green cargo pants from BebeKMaternity right now. I washed them (on a gentle cycle I might add) and the button came right off, making the elastic adjuster strap slip right back into the hole it comes out of.  Needless to say after a very tedious 15 minutes I managed to get it out and will sew a button (strangled in thread) on them to prevent this happening again.

Baby Buys: I bought baby his first pair of shoes this week! They were on clearance from $20 down to $4.18 at Target, they're little grey sandals and I can't wait to show you all a picture of him wearing them. I also bought a little woven basket to put in his nursery for his little bits and pieces.

How cute are they?! Only $4.18

Technically I didn't buy this but it's my awesome baby present from my friend Rebecca :)

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report, I am still using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula and it is fantastic. It doesn't leave an oily residue and you only require a small amount for your whole belly so it's great value for money, especially at only $7 ( I bought mine from Kmart.)

Sleep Status: I am still in the grasps of insomnia. My body craves a nap at around 3 p.m. and if I succumb to napping at this time, I am then not tired until 1 a.m. Going to bed at 10:30 and just trying to 'lay it out' isn't working either, I just get really restless and annoyed. I have gone back to my old technique of having warm milk at around 10:00 and this is helping a lot with getting to bed before 12.

Mood:  I am finding the return of my energy (even if it is just a pinch) has made me a lot more positive. I love being able to write a to-do list and complete everything on it, and I am also venturing out more now (even in this bi-polar weather) and have enjoyed just being out and about.

My SUPER delicious Chicken Caesar Wrap from Muffin Break! YUM!!

Highlight of the week: Having some energy back  is definitely my highlight! I can't wait to be back to even half my normal energy, as I know I am going to need it with the baby due in only 13 weeks.  
This week I started taking Iron tablets, and while I was told by my MW not to expect much change until the 4 week mark, I put my sudden energy gain to the fact I have been taking iron tablets a long with keeping a closer eye on my diet.

It's very exciting that in 13 weeks time we may be holding our newborn son (maybe earlier or later if he decides to change it up a bit). These weeks are starting to pick up pace very quickly, which is something I definitely did NOT expect, as during my last pregnancy the last trimester stretched out for what seemed like years.

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