Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 26 Pregnancy Update

So long, fair well July 2012. I shall not miss the freezing cold weeks that you brought along. I spent most of July with Lily huddled near the heater/ wrapped up more snug then a pea in a pod. The month of August brings with it the entering of the third trimester, which I of course have mixed feelings of excitement & terror about.  

Weeks: 26 weeks (27/07 - 02/08) I must admit I have been wishing this week to go fast and wa-la! It's gone. I have no idea why exactly, but I am really looking forward to being in the 3rd trimester which I have asked myself (very quietly as not to seem crazy) why as I don't have baby's room set up, nor do I have everything I need yet. The scary thing is, the weeks have been going super quickly during this pregnancy and before I know it, I'll be having those 'lovely' contractions, and of course a beautiful, healthy baby boy...but also contractions..


I've learnt to combat warmth & comfort this pregnancy/winter with layering, lots of layering. However I am very much OVER having to layer up now and am very excited to welcome Spring & Summer. I can't wait to break out my maxi dresses and not be weighed down more so by 3-4 layers of clothes.

The physical appearance may seem minimal in 4 weeks, but the weight of my bump has definitely intensified.

Weight gain: My weight is still sitting around 60 kilos. In both of my pregnancies, I have never scrutinized my weight gain as the way I see it, if I am eating healthy, regular meals (not exempt from treating myself obviously) and trying to get in some exercise when I can then I'm absolutely fine with how much I weigh. My weight gain to date has been 9.5 kilos which is right on track according to my pre-pregnancy weight/ height and age.

My homemade Schnitzel with roast potatoes, carrots and gravy. SO YUM!!

Symptoms: I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks for the past 2 weeks, though not painful, they do become a little uncomfortable at times, if you're not aware of what Braxton Hicks are, it is your uterus preparing for actual labor and the common sensation is the uterus hardening and becoming quite stiff.

Maternity Clothes: No new maternity buys this week. I have enough maternity pants now, thanks to stocking up from Bebekmaternity, however they (all 3 of the pants) crease REALLY easily which is horrible news when I don't have an ironing board or a reliable iron at the moment. I did a recent post though on my must haves for pregnancy which you can check out here.

Baby Buys: I am actually really stoked with the purchases this week, especially now that Luke and I have agreed on the theme (transportation: cars/trucks/planes/trains etc) it makes it easier and a lot of fun to purchase items. Here's this weeks haul.
- Cot bedding basics (flannelette sheet set/ and a 3 piece cotton sheet set)
- Interlock wraps
- More socks
- T-shirt with: Awesome like Daddy on it which I thought was cute
- One piece long sleeve that reads: Little Brother.
- A hooded, car-themed towel.

Stretch Marks: Still no new marks to report. I have changed from the Dove pro-age moisturizer that I have been using for the last month to Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E this week, purely based on having run out of the Dove and wanting to try something a little more 'stretch mark' orientated.

I apply Palmers three times daily, also if my skin gets really itchy I avoid itching by applying the cream and it seems to immediately remove the want need to itch. This obviously doesn't help if I am out at the shops and suddenly have the urge to itch my boobs or belly though.

Sleep Status: I have been recommended Iron supplement tablets as my Iron levels are a little low. My midwife advises I should see a significant change in my energy levels within 4 weeks of taking them, this is very exciting for me as lately I have constantly been dragging my feet and feeling rather unmotivated (this cold weather has only contributed to that problem I'm sure)
Mood: Average. That's not to say bad or just 'okay' but I have just been very 'go with the flow' these past few weeks. Running after a very emotional toddler lately has left me feeling a little flat. I am truly excited to see the difference these iron tablets may have.

Highlight of the week:  To date Luke hasn't seen baby move, although he has felt it. As he works away a lot, I thought I would try and film baby moving with my camera and send him the video. I've tried this before but it was too bad of quality and Luke couldn't make out any of the movements.

However this time, as baby's movements are a lot stronger and visible he was able to see them :) this is probably something so small sounding but it really does make all the difference in making a parents day or week :) It was definitely a huge highlight of both our weeks.

That wraps up yet another week of pregnancy #2. It's crazy how fast these weeks are all going.

Until Next Time,

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