Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owl Nails! Tutorial

 Whether you're a fan of owls or not, you may know someone who is, so I thought this tutorial would be a great addition to the blog. It doesn't take very long at all, and you don't have to be great at drawing or painting for this to look good.

The other great thing about this tutorial is, that I have rather short nails at the moment, and it's still a cute outcome. So here's how I achieved my Owl Nails, I had a hoot doing it (pun very much intended) and I'm sure you will to. You can mix up the colours, add more detail (or less) and make these little owls your own.

Step 1:
I filed my nails and removed the cuticles as much as I could prior to putting a clear coat of nail polish on. After this dried I painted my nails, leaving out a semi-circle on each one. You can alternatively paint all your nails then paint the semi-circle on in a different shade.

Step 2:
I filled in the empty semi-circle with a lighter shade of blue, to get a pale shade I added white nail polish with some blue, mixed it with nail polish remover to make it spread easier then carefully filled the space.

Step 3:
Owls are known for their big glowing eyes, so I used a bright shade of yellow for this (I'd recommend waiting until your shades of blue have dried, as not to smudge the yellow and blue together.)

Step 4:
I painted an upside down triangle in 'Coral' by Essie, if you take a little more time with the smaller details, the overall result will look so much more impressive.

Step 5:
The eyes have it! Remember the owls of an owl are what most remember straight away. I dabbed some black nail polish into the middle of each yellow circle and paid extra care not to make the circles too large or smudge them.

Step 6:
I thought some sparkly silver polish would work great with the shade of blues I had chosen, so I used my sample of 'Nicole' by OPI which is a really shimmery colour, and carefully applied spots on the semi-circles to represent fluffy feathers.

Remember to let me know if you'd like to see another tutorial in the comments below, I'm always up for trying new nail designs etc :)
Until Next Time,


  1. Awwww this is so cute. My daughter would love it. She likes Giggle and Hoot on the ABC kids channel.

    1. My Daughter Lily is the exact same, she has already decided they are all Hoot the Owl haha.



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