Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 30 Pregnancy Update



Weeks: From the 24/08- 30/08 was week 30 of pregnancy.  This week has been something different every day. One day I will feel like I have just about all my energy back, but the next day I've lost that energy and just want to have a big nap. It's crazy to think that between 7-10 weeks from now we could have our son here with us :)

Bump: I've mentioned a few times on my blog how different the position of this baby is compared to that of how I 'carried' Lily. The shape of my stomach is although much the same roundness, the weight is very much felt in one area, rather than with Lily I felt the weight was more evenly distributed. I am quite sure there are belly supports that you can buy and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about buying one. I feel so off balance with baby being so low.

Weight gain: We are moving (starting off with my excuse sorry) so I haven't made a huge effort to weigh myself this week either :( At the moment I feel around 65-66 kilos, I know I can't be certain on that, but I've never actually owned my own scales (I've always used either my mums or the doctors if needed) but I feel confident I am around this point.
Stretch Marks: I have 'spoken' about this a few times on my blog. I was one of the 90% of women who get stretch marks. During my first pregnancy, I didn't get a single stretch mark until week 38 of my pregnancy and honestly, I was a bit upset at first, as I thought I'd gone so long without getting them that they wouldn't happen to me.
I have been worried about the effects this pregnancy would have on my existing stretch marks, and it has been during this last week that I noticed my existing stretch marks have been slightly affected. They are changing in colour from a somewhat silver to a darker purple and a few have even lengthened/ widened in size on my thigh. I will continue to ridiculously lather my skin in cream regardless, because in all honestly my skin is silky soft now and I honestly feel that I would have many more stretch marks if I hadn't been using my cream :)
Symptoms: I still have acid reflux and indigestion :(  both of which, seem to occur late at night. I wonder if our son will come out with a full head of hair like his sister. Along with still having Insomnia, I am also experiencing Braxton Hicks constantly, though not painful, they can still be quite uncomfortable to deal with ever since my belly became quite round.
Cravings: Carrots!! Bit random, but glad it's not something very odd. I noticed a few nights of this week, whilst struggling to feel tired enough to actually sleep that all I wanted was some carrots. After a while, making the carrots into carrot sticks became too time consuming for my pregnancy hunger so I resorted to just washing the carrots whole and munching them down. Yummo!
Maternity Clothes: No new purchases. I am now living in my maternity wear. I managed to pack our main bedroom this week and noticed the clothes that I am ABLE to fit into now, compared to all my clothes in general is quite..small. So I've been attempting to recycle (to the best of my ability) my available 'looks' to avoid feeling in a rut, on top of feeling large.

Mood:  When the sun is shining and warm (very, very rare the past few months) I feel amazing! I feel upbeat and really positive, which is a great thing to feel when you're in the last trimester of pregnancy. Since we are moving shortly, and things are looking up and up I have been feeling less anxious and more...excited :)
Highlight of the week: This isn't pregnancy related but I am so proud of Lily!! Lily and I love to pass some of the longer days away with doing crafts and practising her writing. She's only 3 years old, but she LOVES to learn new things, whether they are words, meanings of words or how to write new words. As fathers day is coming up and she is that little bit older, I thought it'd be special if she was involved with her daddy's present and card.

We made our own gift wrapping by having her draw lot of pictures on large sheets of paper, then we used that paper to wrap the gift. Next we sat and practised for 10 minutes (she is a toddler and does get bored) her letters: H-A-P-P-Y F-A-T-H-E-R-S D-A-Y before having her write in the card and on the envelope. She was SO excited!

I love our special mummy and daughter time :) and I can't wait until Lily meets her little brother x

Do you think I will last until Week 40? Or will I 'pop' earlier?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below xx
Until Next Time,


Thursday, August 30, 2012

We're Moving!

*drum roll* We are moving to a new state and of course a new house!! This means big changes for not only our family but also this blog is having a shake up! Check below, for what will be new.

The move means a few things for this blog:

1. I will no longer have to take photos of myself using my bathroom mirror as Luke will be on hand to help with photos. This has been the number 1 reason why I haven't done, outfit of the day type posts etc. It's just been too tricky only having the bathroom mirror.

2. This blog will be getting updated more regularly since I will have more time (once settled) to fill you all in on how I am going rocking the Skinny Budget. I will be able to continue doing once again, honest reviews of quality products that are affordable (actually affordable not blow-budget 'affordable') and I hope I can help with any questions you may have on certain products.


I always love seeing how other mummys/ young women style themselves for certain occasions or even just when I need some inspiration in my wardrobe. So I will be doing outfit posts of my own :)

Budget Hauls will be a regular

Is there anything you'd love to see on the blog in particular? I do miss doing my recipe posts :( the majority of my kitchenware is packed in boxes at the moment but I will be doing post-pregnancy healthy foods/ naughty nibbles and all that great recipe stuff once I am able to.

 I have so many simple, affordable and a healthy-alternative recipes to share with you :)
I am also staying true to myself and since I like to be artsy/crafty will continue to pop in my nail art tutorials. If you have something in particular you'd like me to attempt just comment below :)
Remember you are able to follow my blog if you wish (no pressure) it just makes it easier if you like to read it and I sometimes don't post of Facebook or Twitter that I have updated it. If you have any trouble commenting, feel free to let me know either via Facebook or you could do so on Twitter, the link is in the tabs above :)

Until Next Time,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Owl Nails! Tutorial

 Whether you're a fan of owls or not, you may know someone who is, so I thought this tutorial would be a great addition to the blog. It doesn't take very long at all, and you don't have to be great at drawing or painting for this to look good.

The other great thing about this tutorial is, that I have rather short nails at the moment, and it's still a cute outcome. So here's how I achieved my Owl Nails, I had a hoot doing it (pun very much intended) and I'm sure you will to. You can mix up the colours, add more detail (or less) and make these little owls your own.

Step 1:
I filed my nails and removed the cuticles as much as I could prior to putting a clear coat of nail polish on. After this dried I painted my nails, leaving out a semi-circle on each one. You can alternatively paint all your nails then paint the semi-circle on in a different shade.

Step 2:
I filled in the empty semi-circle with a lighter shade of blue, to get a pale shade I added white nail polish with some blue, mixed it with nail polish remover to make it spread easier then carefully filled the space.

Step 3:
Owls are known for their big glowing eyes, so I used a bright shade of yellow for this (I'd recommend waiting until your shades of blue have dried, as not to smudge the yellow and blue together.)

Step 4:
I painted an upside down triangle in 'Coral' by Essie, if you take a little more time with the smaller details, the overall result will look so much more impressive.

Step 5:
The eyes have it! Remember the owls of an owl are what most remember straight away. I dabbed some black nail polish into the middle of each yellow circle and paid extra care not to make the circles too large or smudge them.

Step 6:
I thought some sparkly silver polish would work great with the shade of blues I had chosen, so I used my sample of 'Nicole' by OPI which is a really shimmery colour, and carefully applied spots on the semi-circles to represent fluffy feathers.

Remember to let me know if you'd like to see another tutorial in the comments below, I'm always up for trying new nail designs etc :)
Until Next Time,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 29 Pregnancy Update

When I look at the photos on my blog of my belly, I always feel so much larger than that of what is shown, I think a lot of pregnant women would feel the same. According to all 7 of my IPhone Apps (I don't know why I have that many) I am now in the 'grin & bear it' stage of pregnancy, which I like to translate as: the ' almost at the finish line' stage of pregnancy :)

Weeks: From the 17/08- 23/08 marked the start and end of my 29th week of pregnancy. I'm a little weird about odd numbers (I don't like them very much) so I will be quite happy to be 30 weeks ha ha. I know I'm probably very strange.

Bump: I feel that baby has dropped this week, even Luke noted my bump looks a lot lower, so I think it may be the case of baby dropping down into head first position. I feel a lot more comfortable and at ease with shirts that support the weight of my bump at the bottom, it helps me to stay mobile without feeling like I am about to topple over from the feeling of heaviness.

Weight gain: I didn't get a chance to weigh myself this week so I'll have to update you all next week sorry.

Baby bump at 19 weeks and now at 29 weeks :)

Symptoms: Heart burn (which is accompanied by a horrid acidic taste in my throat) has been happening late at night :( On a plus though, I've noticed my hair is looking a lot healthier and shiny. One thing I still haven't gotten yet is the dark line on my stomach, which I had fairly early on in my pregnancy with Lily. I keep expecting to see it there but so far, just a big pale belly is staring back.

Cravings: I have gone off meat lately, I am loving my fruit and vegetables a lot which really isn't anything new but my want for meat has decreased. One thing I do crave is olives. I love olives!!
Maternity Clothes: I'm happy to write, that after 2 weeks of moaning and groaning about having only a handful of tops that fit past my belly (and stay there all day) I decided to go the shops this week and have a good look at the maternity sections in stores, I was pleasantly surprised in Target as they were having a 'below cost' sale on maternity wear.

Here's what I picked up and why:

                                                      Ladies Grey Singlet $12.00              

This singlet goes all the way to mid thighs so it'll definitely cover my belly (hopefully until baby is born). The Blue maternity t-shirt was reduced purely on the colour that it is, the black & white versions of it were still priced at $20 so I was very happy. It has a breast feeding friendly compartment around the boob section so it'll be great post-pregnancy also

  Ladies Maternity T-Shirt $4.83

Below is a picture of me wearing the top (it's a better example of the actual colour)

(The top isn't stained, my mirror had a smudge on it ha ha)
                         Maternity Shorts $9.83                            Maternity Dress $10.83
The red dress was marked down as it had a little stain on the stomach area which was removed after one wash with stain remover. I was a little hesitant to buy shorts since we are still experiencing horrible cold weather here, but as it's nearing spring I thought they'd be a good investment.

Blue Animal Print Flats $6.83 (were originally $30!)
Baby Buys: I resisted my many, many urges to buy things for baby this week. Instead I just put more money on our layby. This doesn't relate to actually buying anything but I managed to wash all the clothing we have already for baby, so they are all ready to go into his nursery for him to wear.
Stretch Marks: None new to report, although the existing ones I have on my thigh seem darker so I would assume they are being affected by my changing shape and possibly getting wider or longer in size. I have been keeping up my usual routine and haven't missed a day yet.
Sleep Status: I am still finding myself going to sleep at 12:00-12:30 a.m. I am also finding lately that I have been craving sugar a lot more, which at the start of the pregnancy I wanted nothing to do with. I limit my sugar intake at night time so it doesn't contribute to my insomnia, I think once Luke is home a lot more, just having that company will hopefully kick my body clock back to normal.

I always love these shots of Lily, the bump and I

Mood:  Now that I feel we are getting more organized, I am starting to relax. With only 11 weeks to go (until the 40 week mark anyway) I assumed early in the pregnancy we would have the nursery all set, but as we may be moving very shortly we are holding off until afterwards.

Highlight of the week: I decided that this time around I am going to write out my birth plan, as last time I just verbally communicated it, but kept forgetting during labor if I had communicated certain things. I prefer to call it a birth 'preference' as you can imagine, labor doesn't always end the way it started or was expected to, so this way, everything is there in writing for a reference.  

Lily has been very involved in looking after my belly, she loves to read her little brother stories, sing to him and give him A LOT of attention.
Until Next Time,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 28 Pregnancy Update

I've had quite a few family and friends tell me they're not able to comment on my blog, so after a few moments pretending I knew what I was doing, I actually managed to change a setting on here, so hopefully now you can all comment if you wish to :)

Weeks: 28 weeks pregnant as of 10/08 - 16/08. I remember being around 21-22 weeks pregnant and wanting to pack my hospital bags because it seemed everyone who was weeks ahead of me was up to that point, and I'm not going to lie, I love organising things so packing and organising a hospital bag is exciting for me when it's to do with a baby...that may be sad but I feel this is a safe place.


Heavy and very out there! I am constantly underestimating how much my belly pokes out, whether it be choosing tops to wear that I should have stored away weeks ago or knocking into a chair because I didn't judge the distance between itself and my belly correctly...I am constantly banging things down with my stomach or worse...exposing my belly via singlets that seem spring loaded and intent on NOT staying UNDER my belly!!

I do have lonnnngggg just seems my belly is made of satin at this point and no shirt wants to keep it covered. We get it belly, you want to show the world, but sadly for you, I don't appreciate your antics on baring my bump to the town folk.

I always do my belly shots in the bathroom as I don't have my Husband 2B Luke on standby to take the shots for me, this has led to my 3 year old munchkin Lily watching me take my 'belly pictures' for the last few months, and alas she has come to the point of wanting me to take HER belly pictures.

She's very much in awe of the 'baby' and thinks my now 'outtie' belly button is actually the baby peeking at her. She constantly is asking if she can kiss my belly and talk to him, I am sure he will recognise her voice straight away haha, she also loves to sing him songs that she invents about dinosaurs.

Weight gain:


I'm around the 63 kilo mark now (65 after I have eaten)..I find it highly amusing that after a meal I go up two kilos on the scales, I am not at all stressed about my weight gain, as it is, being pregnant and chasing after my 3 year old keeps me very active. I'm sure the offer Lily made me still stands where I can go to the gym and she will happily look after her brother...even though she did offer when I hadn't even dropped the word gym into a conversation..and I was eating candy at the time.

Symptoms: Heartburn has reared itself again..we don't like you heartburn..GO AWAY! If the wives tale is true about a pregnant woman having a lot of heart burn leads to a baby with a head of hair...this baby is going to have a ponytail of hair on arrival. I am also noticing more Braxton Hicks, I like that they're not painful, but when you feel your belly harden at random does tend to feel very awkward.

Cravings: The past week and a half has had me craving 'clean' food, such as fresh fruit and veg with no added salt etc. I'm also very much into Crusketts at the moment with Avocado spread and asparagus spears on top, I would eat these pre-pregnancy but they're not something I craved at all.
Maternity Clothes: My bump is sitting completely different to how it was with Lily so I was not prepared for how far outwards it would poke, compared with Lily who was more evenly spaced. I have been browsing the maternity bra areas of shops a lot more now as I think I need new bras and tops, I have about 3-5 tops that fit past my bump comfortably.

Baby Buys: I bought 2 little bodysuits from Kmart for $4.50 each. I know our son will probably receive plenty of clothes from our family & friends, but I am such a sucker for the baby area of any shop I always seem to buy at least one thing. I've begun a list of things he has and needs and sorted them into 3 age groups: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months so I avoid stoking up on one age group too much.

Stretch Marks: I understand after reading and hearing it my whole pregnancy, that no matter your efforts, some women are simply more susceptible to getting stretch marks then others. This doesn't mean I'm just going to stop treating my skin however, and trying to prevent further stretch marks...whatever the outcome, I am still using Palmers Cocoa Butter as I will post-baby also :)

Sleep Status: I honestly don't remember a time now, when I went to bed by 10:30 p.m and just fell asleep. My insomnia has really plagued me these last few weeks/ months and no matter what plan of attack I put in place to combat just doesn't seem to work. Hopefully at my next doctors appointment we can work on this.
Mood: I was watching a random movie where a man suddenly got shot and his daughter was understandably of course...I start crying, not like oh that's sad...but as if I had known the man for years type of crying..I stopped after 10 minutes and AM a bit of a sook right now. I'd rather laugh at myself doing that, then start crying ....again.  

Highlight of the week: I think the biggest highlight of all is that I am now in the third trimester with only 12 weeks to go (maybe less.) Things are just starting to fall in place (with a little perseverance on our part) and I just feel like very soon I will be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that we have everything we need immediately for baby as well as it just all being there to look at and coo over until we have him here to do that to.

There you have it, week 28 in a very large nutshell :) I am sorry that the brunt of this blog lately has been pregnancy related as I did state I would still be doing my other posts, but lately my life has been pretty much about being pregnant haha so we will see what I can do :)

Until Next Time,


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 27 Pregnancy Update

The third trimester has almost begun! This week was full of powerful kicks and jabs from baby, I swear if he is even half as active outside the womb as he is in...I'm going to be the fittest mum in town trying to keep up with him.   

Weeks: 27 weeks (03/08 - 09/08) I have been taking my Iron supplement tablets for a few days now and I have noticed a slight increase in my energy levels already :)  Without burning myself out, I have been attempting to get back on top of a few things that have taken a back burner and things are looking up.

Woah, Baby!! Such strong kicks and movement this week. I read that the amniotic fluid has decreased, hence why I am feeling a whole lot more movement now. I have gotten so used to his little hiccups and jabs that it's really more a comfort knowing his active and moving about, however lately there has been a few powerful jabs that have taken me by surprise and left me hurting a bit.

It feels as round as it looks, as you can see my belly button is becoming an outtie

This is my struggle with wearing most non-maternity shirts haha, my belly 'peeks' out at people so I layer, layer and more layer!

Weight gain: If I weigh myself after a large meal I am 64 kilos, otherwise prior to eating in the mornings I am 62 kilos. I found a note in my day planner from January which had my pre-pregnancy weight averaged at 52 kilos, so I would average my total weight gain to be 10-10.5 kilos so far.

Symptoms: Braxton hicks are still about, I'm very thankful they aren't painful as I have had them for a few weeks now. This isn't so much a symptom as a craving but I've been craving apples and salami so I finally caved and got a small stick of salami, I didn't get any heartburn afterwards and it was very yum!! 

Maternity Clothes: I'm now wearing only my maternity pants, however I am not happy with my green cargo pants from BebeKMaternity right now. I washed them (on a gentle cycle I might add) and the button came right off, making the elastic adjuster strap slip right back into the hole it comes out of.  Needless to say after a very tedious 15 minutes I managed to get it out and will sew a button (strangled in thread) on them to prevent this happening again.

Baby Buys: I bought baby his first pair of shoes this week! They were on clearance from $20 down to $4.18 at Target, they're little grey sandals and I can't wait to show you all a picture of him wearing them. I also bought a little woven basket to put in his nursery for his little bits and pieces.

How cute are they?! Only $4.18

Technically I didn't buy this but it's my awesome baby present from my friend Rebecca :)

Stretch Marks: Nothing new to report, I am still using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula and it is fantastic. It doesn't leave an oily residue and you only require a small amount for your whole belly so it's great value for money, especially at only $7 ( I bought mine from Kmart.)

Sleep Status: I am still in the grasps of insomnia. My body craves a nap at around 3 p.m. and if I succumb to napping at this time, I am then not tired until 1 a.m. Going to bed at 10:30 and just trying to 'lay it out' isn't working either, I just get really restless and annoyed. I have gone back to my old technique of having warm milk at around 10:00 and this is helping a lot with getting to bed before 12.

Mood:  I am finding the return of my energy (even if it is just a pinch) has made me a lot more positive. I love being able to write a to-do list and complete everything on it, and I am also venturing out more now (even in this bi-polar weather) and have enjoyed just being out and about.

My SUPER delicious Chicken Caesar Wrap from Muffin Break! YUM!!

Highlight of the week: Having some energy back  is definitely my highlight! I can't wait to be back to even half my normal energy, as I know I am going to need it with the baby due in only 13 weeks.  
This week I started taking Iron tablets, and while I was told by my MW not to expect much change until the 4 week mark, I put my sudden energy gain to the fact I have been taking iron tablets a long with keeping a closer eye on my diet.

It's very exciting that in 13 weeks time we may be holding our newborn son (maybe earlier or later if he decides to change it up a bit). These weeks are starting to pick up pace very quickly, which is something I definitely did NOT expect, as during my last pregnancy the last trimester stretched out for what seemed like years.

Until Next Time,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 26 Pregnancy Update

So long, fair well July 2012. I shall not miss the freezing cold weeks that you brought along. I spent most of July with Lily huddled near the heater/ wrapped up more snug then a pea in a pod. The month of August brings with it the entering of the third trimester, which I of course have mixed feelings of excitement & terror about.  

Weeks: 26 weeks (27/07 - 02/08) I must admit I have been wishing this week to go fast and wa-la! It's gone. I have no idea why exactly, but I am really looking forward to being in the 3rd trimester which I have asked myself (very quietly as not to seem crazy) why as I don't have baby's room set up, nor do I have everything I need yet. The scary thing is, the weeks have been going super quickly during this pregnancy and before I know it, I'll be having those 'lovely' contractions, and of course a beautiful, healthy baby boy...but also contractions..


I've learnt to combat warmth & comfort this pregnancy/winter with layering, lots of layering. However I am very much OVER having to layer up now and am very excited to welcome Spring & Summer. I can't wait to break out my maxi dresses and not be weighed down more so by 3-4 layers of clothes.

The physical appearance may seem minimal in 4 weeks, but the weight of my bump has definitely intensified.

Weight gain: My weight is still sitting around 60 kilos. In both of my pregnancies, I have never scrutinized my weight gain as the way I see it, if I am eating healthy, regular meals (not exempt from treating myself obviously) and trying to get in some exercise when I can then I'm absolutely fine with how much I weigh. My weight gain to date has been 9.5 kilos which is right on track according to my pre-pregnancy weight/ height and age.

My homemade Schnitzel with roast potatoes, carrots and gravy. SO YUM!!

Symptoms: I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks for the past 2 weeks, though not painful, they do become a little uncomfortable at times, if you're not aware of what Braxton Hicks are, it is your uterus preparing for actual labor and the common sensation is the uterus hardening and becoming quite stiff.

Maternity Clothes: No new maternity buys this week. I have enough maternity pants now, thanks to stocking up from Bebekmaternity, however they (all 3 of the pants) crease REALLY easily which is horrible news when I don't have an ironing board or a reliable iron at the moment. I did a recent post though on my must haves for pregnancy which you can check out here.

Baby Buys: I am actually really stoked with the purchases this week, especially now that Luke and I have agreed on the theme (transportation: cars/trucks/planes/trains etc) it makes it easier and a lot of fun to purchase items. Here's this weeks haul.
- Cot bedding basics (flannelette sheet set/ and a 3 piece cotton sheet set)
- Interlock wraps
- More socks
- T-shirt with: Awesome like Daddy on it which I thought was cute
- One piece long sleeve that reads: Little Brother.
- A hooded, car-themed towel.

Stretch Marks: Still no new marks to report. I have changed from the Dove pro-age moisturizer that I have been using for the last month to Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E this week, purely based on having run out of the Dove and wanting to try something a little more 'stretch mark' orientated.

I apply Palmers three times daily, also if my skin gets really itchy I avoid itching by applying the cream and it seems to immediately remove the want need to itch. This obviously doesn't help if I am out at the shops and suddenly have the urge to itch my boobs or belly though.

Sleep Status: I have been recommended Iron supplement tablets as my Iron levels are a little low. My midwife advises I should see a significant change in my energy levels within 4 weeks of taking them, this is very exciting for me as lately I have constantly been dragging my feet and feeling rather unmotivated (this cold weather has only contributed to that problem I'm sure)
Mood: Average. That's not to say bad or just 'okay' but I have just been very 'go with the flow' these past few weeks. Running after a very emotional toddler lately has left me feeling a little flat. I am truly excited to see the difference these iron tablets may have.

Highlight of the week:  To date Luke hasn't seen baby move, although he has felt it. As he works away a lot, I thought I would try and film baby moving with my camera and send him the video. I've tried this before but it was too bad of quality and Luke couldn't make out any of the movements.

However this time, as baby's movements are a lot stronger and visible he was able to see them :) this is probably something so small sounding but it really does make all the difference in making a parents day or week :) It was definitely a huge highlight of both our weeks.

That wraps up yet another week of pregnancy #2. It's crazy how fast these weeks are all going.

Until Next Time,


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