Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 25 Pregnancy Update

Every time another week passes I feel that little big more huge, however week 25 brought a whole new feeling to this. Tops and pants that comfortably covered this pregnant lady's bumps and lumps are now struggling this week. I'm awaiting the arrival of some new maternity pants and honestly, they better arrive really soon as I am all out of other options.

Weeks: 25 weeks (20/07 - 26/07) What a week! Stretchy pants are no longer...stretching, and my belly really has started getting..large. I am definitely looking and feeling like I don't have that much longer to go until baby arrives.

Bump: Low and heavvvyyy. My baby bump was completely different with Lily, I was a lot higher (as the old wives tale goes with girls) and the weight of the bump felt distributed more evenly. This pregnancy has been low carrying and feeling like he's jumping on my bladder every 2 minutes..ha..ha .*sigh..


Weight gain: My weight this week has been around 60 Kilos. So I've finally pushed over the 50's and am onto the 60's. I'm 5' 7 and as far as weight gain and health are concerned with this pregnancy I am right on target :)

Symptoms: Sorry if TMI but my boobs this week have been really sore along with having mild backache. These two things have gone hand in hand this week and I will be glad to be rid of them. My eating has also spiked a lot so I have bought more fruit to snack on in between meals :)

Maternity Clothes: I purchased 3 pants from Bebekmaternity and including postage it came to $52.80 which I think is AWESOME! They are closing down on the 31st of this month so make sure you check them out if you are needing some pants/ tops/ dresses. I am at the point now, where it really is a struggle to find clothes that have the ability not to climb back up my belly. The T-Shirts I bought from Kmart last week have been a saviour!!

Baby Buys: YAY! We have put on layby baby's cot, drawers and change table. I love the option of layby as we can still have the items we absolutely love for baby without the instant cost. I looked around online and in stores, comparing cost and quality etc. So I am really really ecstatic to have found the perfect set, a huge plus is that they deliver it to your door :D
(had to include this adorable picture of Lily with her 'brutha')

Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks to report, I have almost run out of my moisturizer so I will be grabbing some more Bio-Oil and possibly some Palmers Lotion for Stretch Marks tomorrow. I haven't gone a day this whole pregnancy without applying Lotions/ Oils and whether it works or not (largely it's genetic apparently whether you get them or not) at least I have very soft skin :)
Sleep Status: Sleeping is still a huge problem :( I'm tired at around 10:30 pm but just can't seem to fall asleep until midnight, then morning is a huge struggle to wake up and get motivated. It's not to do with diet etc at this point it's all thanks to my lovely baby bump and the inability to find a comfortable spot on the bed.

Mood: Unmotivated. Don't confuse this with laziness though, I am constantly having to motivate myself to do even the simplest things lately and I put this down to lack of sleep. I have gone for 2 walks this week (doesn't sound like a lot but it was quite the feat for a very tired pregnant lady) and I think the fresh/ slightly cold air, along with taking Shen and Lily along got me more motivated. I am hoping to be feeling a lot more energetic in weeks to come...we will see.

Highlight of the week: This may sound..shallow, but my face has started to clear of all blemishes/ redness/ dry skin this week and I really find that to be a HUGE highlight! Throughout this pregnancy if it hasn't been hormonal acne it's been redness on my chin and cheeks, this really hasn't been fun to deal with (amongst the other symptoms) so for my face to be looking a lot clearer and smoother makes me super happy :)  

Also I got my July Lust Have It Bag (see picture below) and one of the products was from baby feet (natural feet exfoliate) I am SO excited to see if this actually works as my feet and legs are super dry thanks to this 'lovely' winter weather.

That sums up the week 25 of this pregnancy :)

Until Next Time,

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